September 29, 2014

I talked with a member who showed me Adam Hine running the kick back for 6 vs Virginia with the Greg Wrubell calling it. woahhhh. i wept. that was so sick.
this week we had something unusual happen by our house.  but we were walking back to the house like we always do until we saw that part of our street was closed off by a ton of cops and people crowded around. we took a long way back to our house to find that someone had been killed about 30 steps from my front door. the fact that someone was killed isnt surprising, just the fact it was THAT close to the house. i was fine though, whatever. i thought it was kind of cool actually. we started finding out more and more about what happened. turns out that this gay guy that made sandwiches right by our house was dumped by his boyfriend. he got drunk and then killed himself with the knife he used to make the sandwiches. he sliced his wrists and then stabbed himself in the stomach before slicing his jugular in his neck. crazy huh? that is my fun story of the week. i am still safe, healthy, and obedient.

Another week wrapped up! This one was a little crazy, but it is what it is!

I, as well with the other 3 missionaries in the house, battled a pretty nasty cold this week! Just a runny nose, sore throat, and no energy. Lucky it didnt hit me as bad as it hit my comp. We didnt end up visiting people yesterday because my comp was dying the second we got home from church.
I think the sicknesses came as a result of a ton of rain we got this week! The street in front of my house was like a river. I will attach a pic so you guys can see a little bit of it.
this week we didnt bring as many people to church as we wanted to, but the 3 people we baptized on Saturday went and were confirmed. 🙂
The baptism service on Saturday was sick! Jose, Josefa, and Kevin were all baptized. We began planning for this baptism about a month ago and called it ‘La Tarde Blanca’, or ‘The White Afternoon” which was intended to be a whiteout by all the members and investigators who attended. Well, as more people got baptism dates for Saturday, the planning also intensified and we ended up inviting the mission president and stake president to come. The stake president wasnt able to come, but the mission president did and gave a little talk. there ended up being 9 people baptized and about 125-150 showed up to support those being baptized, almost all wearing white t shirts.
I was able to baptize Josefa. Of all the baptisms I have been blessed with in my mission, i dont think i have seen an expression of more happiness than what i saw from Jose. Jose is 24 years old and has a bad past. Gang stuff and everything. he went to prison and said he would change everything when he came out. well, he made a FULL repentance. he is super pilas now and is doing everything he can to get all of his family members and friends to church! the smile he had after his baptism and confirmation was incredible. It was just a reminder of how lucky i am to be where i am. It made everything all worth it.
Elder slack

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