October 6, 2014

Imagen 001Sounds like my week went better than a lot of other BYU fans. Man, Taysom Hill.

It wasn’t a perfect week, but we had a lot of good results. 🙂 We’ll start with the non important things.

This past week one missionary put a cockroach in my face and i didn’t like that very much. Luckily, I am trying to learn more patience and charity. I thought of ways I could get him back. We ended up catching a rather big scorpion and cutting off the stinger so it wasn’t dangerous, then I put it right next to him to kind of spook him. It didn’t work out as well as I would have liked, mainly because I was nervous he was going to get really mad. It was a really cool idea though. The execution just kind of sucked.

I was still sick for about half of the week. Tuesday and Wednesday i was debating staying in the house rather than working because i had a pretty high temperature. 38 Celsius. (Who knows what that is in Fahrenheit.) So the member who makes us lunch was nice enough to give me a good amount of some kind of cooked spinach and other herbs to cure me. Man, that was terrible. It doesn’t compare to some of the things I have had to eat here, but dang, it was really hard to keep it down. She knew I didn’t like it, but i was trying to be a champ and joke as I was eating it. She kept saying I know that the flavor is awful, but it is good for you. haha well, I guess it worked, but whooo. It came at a cost.

On Wednesday after I forced down the spinach and stuff, I rested for a little while on my bed. I ended up falling asleep. Like, way asleep. Next thing i know, I am waking up with 3 missionaries peeking at my through the slightly closed door. They start laughing and saying he’s been resurrected! I’ll be honest and say I was really more annoyed than anything, but then they showed me the video they took. They were pretty creeped out haha! They knew i was feeling pretty week and that I had gone to rest for a little bit. My comp went into my room to check on me to find a missionary lying on his back with his mouth and eyes open and hands over the belt. I looked dead. He got a little nervous and got closer to me to see that my chest was moving up and down. he called in the other missionaries who began taking videos of the missionary who sleeps with his eyes open. hahahah this video is awesome. I will send it home and have my parents show it to some of you guys.

Conference was really good for us! We were blessed again with 12 investigators throughout the 5 sessions which ended up being the 2nd most in the mission. I finally learned the importance of conference! I learned a lot and am excited to try and put in practice some of the things mentioned. Elder Jorg something gave an awesome talk about change. We should wait to be in shape physically or spiritually. He spoke direct and i liked that. I also liked David A Bednar when he spoke to the investigators. We have a lot of investigators who are just how he explained. Some think they ARE the church, some just don’t want to act, etc. Haha, I also liked how he added that it doesn’t matter how awkward or abrupt it may seem, we are just trying to help them accept a message that has blessed us.

I know this church is true and I am blessed to be a called of the Lord to be a representative of his church.

Elder Slack


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