October 13, 2014

I was having some more computer problems and so this is going to be a little shorter than i wanted!

Hey! Another week gone! This one was actually way crazy. Tuesday morning we got the call from President Spjut that Elder Solano (one of my ZL) was to leave about 2 or 3 hours later to head to the office to be the new immigration secretary. This left me the rest of the week, and still today, in a trio with my comp and Elder Rowberry.

We were flying all over trying to cover both areas the best we could all week, but it was pretty tough.

It gets better. Wednesday I was tested for parasites which came back positive which made me stay home that day. I had to buy 15 bucks worth of the worst tasting pills i have ever tasted in my life. You pop 4 in your mouth and swallow them, but everything else you eat, breathe, or drink the rest of the day tastes bitter and makes you want to cut your tongue out. It was great. But finally, for the first time in about 3 weeks i am not dead tired and am finally feeling more energetic. It was probably the hardest week or two in my mission, I just didn’t have desires to do anything. But now i am feeling better, and am pumped again to get out and work.

It has been sooo rainy this week. My umbrella broke and now water leaks in and i am too cheap to buy another one for a couple bucks. I will probably do that this next week.

we also found out about changes as well! My comp is out!! I was sure i was going to have changes. I was pretty bummed because we are baptizing a family on Sunday and baptized their daughter this past Saturday and still have a ton of potential i was planning to miss. But my comp is leaving and i will be training again this next change 🙂 my new comp comes to El Salvador today and we’ll be together on Wednesday. Another 6 weeks here, at least! Whoo!

The baptism we had with Joseline on Saturday was pretty good. Because i am with ELder Rowberry now, we had 2 baptisms and a marriage. We left the little wedding at the house of the lady who was going to be baptized, and, without umbrellas, it was POURING. We booked it to our house but in that 3 or 4 minute run, we were drenched and had to change out clothes. OF course as we get to the house the rain stops, but oh well, whatever. We changed, headed over to the baptism, and did that.

It was a pretty crazy week, but we got a baptism, have 2 more on Saturday, and I am finally getting healthy.

Elder Slack


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