October 20, 2014

Hey! Man, the weeks are going by really fast now!

I have a new comp! His name is Elder Martinez and he is from central Mexico. He isn’t very shy but is extremely nervous to do anything. With my past comps, that means they didn’t talk a lot. With him it is the opposite. He talks and talks and talks hahaha. It is funny. He usually repeats himself quite a bit and i have to recap what he says. But he is good and has a good desire to work! He also puts ketchup on everything he eats, but whatever. His food, not mine! Haha. The only thing that is a little tough with him is his accent. I almost cant understand him! I feel dumb asking for him to repeat himself but sometimes i have to. Haha i can speak Spanish just fine, but man. I have never heard an accent as strong as his. I love El Salvador Spanish.

I am actually pretty surprised i am still here. I thought i was going to leave! Now the question is whether i will be here or not for Christmas. We have changes again on the 26th of November, and i will be in the middle of training elder Martinez. So i guess we will see! Hopefully i don’t leave until the 7th of January.

We had a couple harder appointments this week. The first was with this one 20 year old lady that went to church with her friend last week. We had never taught her before, so we were just visiting for the first time. I was on divisions with my ZL because we were working between his area and mine to get some baptism interviews done. We began teaching and tried to get the spirit there with us. We finally get it there and invite her to baptism. Out of no where, her crazy mom comes out and starts yelling at her telling her she needs to go to church with her family in the church that her dad started. She got really mad so we just decided to leave. It was kind of frustrating, but oh well. We went back 2 days later to a house of a member to visit her, but one of the members who lived there just talked the whole lesson so we didn’t get a whole lot done. We are currently trying to see what we can do to have a solid lesson with her.

One of my converts i have here is named Alexander. He is 15 and already inactive. We are talking to his sisters and mom, trying to strengthen their testimonies. At the end of the lesson, we invite them all one by one if they will make a bigger effort to go to church with us this weekend. We get to him and he straight up says no. Whatever. We just packed up and left.

Sunday was a pretty good day. we brought 7 people to church again and also put a baptism date with a little girls, whose parents we are going to be baptizing this next Sunday. We are pretty excited 🙂 we baptized one of the daughters like 2 weeks ago, but we are going to baptize the rest of the family on Sunday. So 3 more baptisms this week.

I was just chilling on my hammock one night and looked to the door to see something i had NEVER seen before. It was an 8 inch grasshopper! I was scared to death! Man, i had never seen anything so big in my life. It was a one-eyed, one-horned, flyin purple people eater, sure looked strange to me.

Anyways. That’elder martinez (2)s pretty much it. I know the church is true. Still working hard. It is getting a little chilly now. I actually get cold at nights.

Elder Slack


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