October 27, 2014

Another week come and gone!!

This week was pretty good, not great, but good.

I went on divisions with a missionary in my district and we put 3 dates with some of his investigators and so that was pretty cool.

On Saturday we visited this lady that went to church last week and began to talk about baptism. She had some doubts about why she needed to be baptized again if she was baptized in the catholic church, but we explained things pretty well, i feel, and she accepted a date for the 9th of November šŸ™‚ we must’ve taught it pretty well because her daughter and grand kids also said they’d prepare for the 16. šŸ™‚ unfortunately they didn’t go to church yesterday so we have to wait another week to count the dates with them, but i think they will be baptized. WE have quite a bit of potential for November.

The rain this week sucked again. I guess there is a hurricane or something nearby? Who knows. I just know it has been raining like crazy. There is a canton in my area called Tacjuiluljan and to get there you have to pass through a big field with high grass and a ton of cow feces and mud. It is gross! When it rains, it is worse. It gets even worse. That morning is when i went divisions to put the dates with Elder Guzman, and my shoes for the rain broke and so i ended up working the rest of the day in some nice, leather, classy shoes.The water was up to the middle of my shin in some parts of the field and the streets and i could almost feel my eyes filling with tears. But they didn’t, and i held strong. We ended up getting from lesson to lesson, but it was a pretty ineffective date. When it rains you have to yell really loud so they can hear you. The metal roofs are awful in the rain.

Luckily, people are saying they are seeing this bird that supposedly migrates when the rain is ending and the cold weather comes. Now, at night and in the morning, I get pretty cold and so i hang out in my sweats and jacket. it’s gotta be a brisk 72 degrees or so. There is also a nice little breeze.

We had 3 baptisms yesterday! They were pretty sweet. Everything went smoothly and I have another set of converts to buy scriptures and hymn books for. Hopefully they are able to be sealed in the temple next year!

Well, that’s pretty much it. I am still doing good and loving life. Glad to be a missionary. Go Cougars.

Elder Slack


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