Nov 24

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November 24, 2014

I’m here in Nahuizalco for Christmas! Whooo! 6 more weeks, probably going to finish this area with 7.5 months here.

This week we were walking back from Pushtan, where we have pretty much all of our lessons, and Elder Hassard from Ogden sees a corral snake! We begin throwing rocks at the head and ended up killing it. It wasnt very big, but still really dangerous. I swear i am seeing more and more now. It’d be kind of a fun story if someone got bit in my area. There’s this guy who supposedly died all of a sudden here and they didnt know why. They performed an autopsy and found out that he had killed and eaten an armadillo that had eaten a corral snake that ended up killing the man and his 2 kids. Pretty serious stuff.

This area here has sooo many more drunk people than any other area i have been it. It is insane. The corner by my house always has 20 drunk man just sitting there begging for quarters. Well, now there are 21. This guy i used to teach who was really positive named Hector Zuniga, has been drinking and drinking and drinking and now is always there. It makes it a little more entertaining when I leave my house and suddenly here a bunch of drunk bums yelling my name, calling for me. Slack…. Slack…. Slack. I almost feel a little famous even though i know that all they really want is a quarter.

Last Monday we decided to do something different, so we went to the city soccer field to play with the members of the ward and the branch. I was a little hesitant to play because I had never played on a big field, I am not Latino, and i dont even like soccer. But i ended up playing awesome. I didnt have any goals (2 off the post) and all the members after wards were telling me i play really well. So that was pretty cool.

We are focusing our teachings on 3 families. Carlos and his wife Ana are the neighbors of a ton of members and are showing a lot of promise. Carlos goes to the Catholic church even though he is always saying he doesnt believe in most of the things they believe in. He said he is looking for the true church and we have been teaching him really well. I think he is going to go to church with us on Sunday and there hopefully we can put a date with him. Tomorrow night we have plans to share a few of the conference talks with him so he knows the leaders of the church.

Adan and his girlfriend Blanca have 2 kids and know they have to get married but are a little hesitant. He is nervous to leave the Catholic church because he has different privileges there, like he plays the guitar in church every well. I hesitate calling it a church, because it doesnt have walls or solid chairs and consists of a congregation of like 10. We’re hoping they can keep progressing.

The last dude we’re really focusing on is named Joel. He always commits to go to church but he never follows through, he is almost always getting food for his dumb cow. He accepts all the things we teach and has a lot of friends in the church, he just doesnt follow through on the commitment to go to church.

We’re slowly leaving this little slump we were in all of November and I am thinking December will be a better month for us. I am glad I get to work here another month and a half with Elder Martinez so we can clean up some of the messes there are here.

The church is true, I’m always sweating, and I am still not tired of pupusas.

Elder Slack

Go Cougs.

November 17, 2014

Kind of a frustrating week again. This chikungunya sickness knocked out like half of our investigators, so we had another disappointing Sunday. We’ll do better this week at stake conference though.

It was a pretty eventful week though.

For like the 30th time in my mission, i felt another earthquake. Everything shakes for about 5 or 10 seconds and then it stops. we’ve had quite a few the fast 3 weeks or so, I swear we have 1 or 2 a week.

I have done 6 baptismal interviews in the past week and also put 3 baptismal dates, but none of those dates were put in my area. Oh well, same team, right?

I conducted a baptism Friday morning, taught 40 people in Sunday School yesterday, and gave a talk in another baptism about enduring to the end. I would say the worst of the 3 was the lesson i had to teach in Sunday school. I was siting outside of the class all our investigators go to and this guy comes over and asks me to do something, so i naturally say yes without thinking. He then hands me the teaching manual and tells me i have to teach this 30 minute lesson, in 30 seconds. Talk about stress. I look at the title of the lesson and was stumped and looked down to see that it was a story from the Old Testament. Oh man. The Old Testament. We started out reading Ezekial 43:1-12 and then i saw it was talking about temples, so we talked a little bit about those verses and I decided it would be a better lesson if i just shut the book and had an open discussion. So that’s what we did. I think it went pretty well… miraculously.

I live with the zone leaders, and Thursday at like 6:10 I am woken up to loud laughter from their room. I ignored it until 6:30, but when they were still laughing, i went to see what happened. Elder Flores, from Honduras. had red marks all over his arm, was burning hot, and had a lot of pain in his body to the point where he was laughing haha. He had a 103 degree temperature. Turns out he has chinkungunya. Any mosquito that bites him the next 30 days will carry the disease, so i am a little nervous. He is still doing pretty bad and cant leave to work for quite a while.

This week i saw some taquazines, a gigantic armadillo, a long corral snake (right in front of my house), a huge tarantula, and had a good sized scorpion climbing up my arm. Haha some cool things you can’t experience in West Jordan.

still happy, sweating, and working hard. thanks for all the support.

Elder Slack

November 10, 2014

Slump. We’re in a slump. Kind of sucks, but that pretty much sums up my week! Not to mention for the first time in years, I haven’t had much of a voice. Usually it would be fine because your comp can just talk, but my comp is still training and still gets pretty nervous, so I had to suck it up and try speaking Spanish the past week without a voice. Haha good times.

This week we did a few fun things. We were able to go to the temple and that was really good! 🙂 i felt the spirit really strong and learned even more there. Plus i understood everything this time. I feel really comfortable with Spanish now which is kind of fun. We had to wake up at 430 to be able to make it to San Salvador by 8, but at the end of the day, everything went pretty smoothly. Also took some sweet pictures.

This week was pretty frustrating. You’ve gotta have bad weeks to appreciate the good ones, but man, this slump is kind of frustrating. I had quite a bit of luck, 5 months of it, actually. We were working really good and everything, but when we baptized a family of 4, it got a little harder. Every time you baptize someone, you have to try to find some positive news to fill the gap that you have just created. If you don;t find positive news, the gap doesn’t fill and you get put into the slump we are in right now. We aren’t technically doing anything wrong. We are teaching a lot of lessons, finding a lot of news, contacting a lot of references, but they just aren’t very positive or they have to work on Sundays. We had 5 people who we were planning to baptize this month, and they all fell this past week. One lady who had a date said she felt nervous because Catholics showed her up at her house and began telling her different lies about the church. Another lady and her 2 daughters who pretty much had dates also we lectured pretty nicely by her step dad, an Evangelical pastor. The last is a man named J Perez that we’ve taught for a while. He has gone to church and finally accepted a goal, the 22nd and his birthday, to be baptized. The next morning Satan scores his a sweet job that will make this guy bank for the next 2 months, and all of a sudden he cant go to church any more.

I am learning the importance of the Day of Rest and why it is a commandment. It literally shows our commitment to the Lord and shows him that he is worth out time. If you don’t keep the day of rest and start putting excuses of why you cant keep it, that just strengthens the argument against you.

Even though we’re in a little bit of a slump right now, I think we’ll be fine. I was in tons of slumps when I played baseball, and learned there were always ways to get out them. In this case, I think it comes down to finding a ton of news and sorting out the good from the bad.

Grateful for the gospel, warm weather, and BYU basketball.

November 3, 2014

Well, here we go again. Another week gone.

This week was okay but it was another tougher week. Sunday was el dia de los muertos or something like that, and so a lot of people were visiting the cemetery which is right by my house. That kind of hurt us because a lot of people went there instead of going to church. But next week hopefully we’re able to see a change. Just stuck in a little 2 week slump right now.

On the bright side, this week was awesome weather wise. We only had one day when it really rained. The problem? Well, my umbrella broke and so i through it away and didn’t bring a rain jacket. It ended up raining probably the hardest that is has in a month or two, meaning it poured from 2 until the next morning so we got soaked! I was also on divisions which made it even more interesting. But more than anything, i was pretty cold and was just in a hurry to get home and shower and change because i felt gross from all the mud.

I don’t think i have told you guys about Nahuizalco at night. I don’t know if it will be on google images, but the park in Nahuizalco, Sonsonate is sick! They just barely got it done and it is a  really popular hang out place every night. There is a marimba group that plays and sings every night and it is pretty sweet. I’m going to have to get some pics and stuff this week so you guys can check it out.

WE visited some more investigators that cant be baptized because they mom doesn’t give them permission. Even though her daughters go to church every week and really want to be baptized, she says no because the dad of the girls, who lives on the other side of the country, talks to them once a year, and left 12 years ago, says they shouldn’t be baptized in the Mormon church. It is frustrating because he has no idea what we even teach. the mom is scared to give permission because she says they if she does something against his will, that he can take possession of the girls. In an attempt to show her that this wouldn’t happen, i began a series of questions. How many times does he talk to them a year? What does he do for them? Why doesn’t he come up her to visit them every now and then? Then i asked her if she thought he loved them. I now realize that this probably wasn’t the best question i could have asked, but, i did it haha. She says yes and I tell her to try and explain why. She says because it’s their dad. I say no, that is there dad and point to her boyfriend who she’s lived with for like 8 years. Well, after this long, unprogressive lesson, nothing really happened and we are still stuck waiting for the mom to support her daughters and sign the baptism registries. I guess we’re just going to have to wait it out.

still happy to be here in the mish, especially in Nahuizalco.

Elder Nate Slack

Go Cougars.