November 17, 2014

Kind of a frustrating week again. This chikungunya sickness knocked out like half of our investigators, so we had another disappointing Sunday. We’ll do better this week at stake conference though.

It was a pretty eventful week though.

For like the 30th time in my mission, i felt another earthquake. Everything shakes for about 5 or 10 seconds and then it stops. we’ve had quite a few the fast 3 weeks or so, I swear we have 1 or 2 a week.

I have done 6 baptismal interviews in the past week and also put 3 baptismal dates, but none of those dates were put in my area. Oh well, same team, right?

I conducted a baptism Friday morning, taught 40 people in Sunday School yesterday, and gave a talk in another baptism about enduring to the end. I would say the worst of the 3 was the lesson i had to teach in Sunday school. I was siting outside of the class all our investigators go to and this guy comes over and asks me to do something, so i naturally say yes without thinking. He then hands me the teaching manual and tells me i have to teach this 30 minute lesson, in 30 seconds. Talk about stress. I look at the title of the lesson and was stumped and looked down to see that it was a story from the Old Testament. Oh man. The Old Testament. We started out reading Ezekial 43:1-12 and then i saw it was talking about temples, so we talked a little bit about those verses and I decided it would be a better lesson if i just shut the book and had an open discussion. So that’s what we did. I think it went pretty well… miraculously.

I live with the zone leaders, and Thursday at like 6:10 I am woken up to loud laughter from their room. I ignored it until 6:30, but when they were still laughing, i went to see what happened. Elder Flores, from Honduras. had red marks all over his arm, was burning hot, and had a lot of pain in his body to the point where he was laughing haha. He had a 103 degree temperature. Turns out he has chinkungunya. Any mosquito that bites him the next 30 days will carry the disease, so i am a little nervous. He is still doing pretty bad and cant leave to work for quite a while.

This week i saw some taquazines, a gigantic armadillo, a long corral snake (right in front of my house), a huge tarantula, and had a good sized scorpion climbing up my arm. Haha some cool things you can’t experience in West Jordan.

still happy, sweating, and working hard. thanks for all the support.

Elder Slack


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