November 24, 2014

I’m here in Nahuizalco for Christmas! Whooo! 6 more weeks, probably going to finish this area with 7.5 months here.

This week we were walking back from Pushtan, where we have pretty much all of our lessons, and Elder Hassard from Ogden sees a corral snake! We begin throwing rocks at the head and ended up killing it. It wasnt very big, but still really dangerous. I swear i am seeing more and more now. It’d be kind of a fun story if someone got bit in my area. There’s this guy who supposedly died all of a sudden here and they didnt know why. They performed an autopsy and found out that he had killed and eaten an armadillo that had eaten a corral snake that ended up killing the man and his 2 kids. Pretty serious stuff.

This area here has sooo many more drunk people than any other area i have been it. It is insane. The corner by my house always has 20 drunk man just sitting there begging for quarters. Well, now there are 21. This guy i used to teach who was really positive named Hector Zuniga, has been drinking and drinking and drinking and now is always there. It makes it a little more entertaining when I leave my house and suddenly here a bunch of drunk bums yelling my name, calling for me. Slack…. Slack…. Slack. I almost feel a little famous even though i know that all they really want is a quarter.

Last Monday we decided to do something different, so we went to the city soccer field to play with the members of the ward and the branch. I was a little hesitant to play because I had never played on a big field, I am not Latino, and i dont even like soccer. But i ended up playing awesome. I didnt have any goals (2 off the post) and all the members after wards were telling me i play really well. So that was pretty cool.

We are focusing our teachings on 3 families. Carlos and his wife Ana are the neighbors of a ton of members and are showing a lot of promise. Carlos goes to the Catholic church even though he is always saying he doesnt believe in most of the things they believe in. He said he is looking for the true church and we have been teaching him really well. I think he is going to go to church with us on Sunday and there hopefully we can put a date with him. Tomorrow night we have plans to share a few of the conference talks with him so he knows the leaders of the church.

Adan and his girlfriend Blanca have 2 kids and know they have to get married but are a little hesitant. He is nervous to leave the Catholic church because he has different privileges there, like he plays the guitar in church every well. I hesitate calling it a church, because it doesnt have walls or solid chairs and consists of a congregation of like 10. We’re hoping they can keep progressing.

The last dude we’re really focusing on is named Joel. He always commits to go to church but he never follows through, he is almost always getting food for his dumb cow. He accepts all the things we teach and has a lot of friends in the church, he just doesnt follow through on the commitment to go to church.

We’re slowly leaving this little slump we were in all of November and I am thinking December will be a better month for us. I am glad I get to work here another month and a half with Elder Martinez so we can clean up some of the messes there are here.

The church is true, I’m always sweating, and I am still not tired of pupusas.

Elder Slack

Go Cougs.


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