December 1, 2014

Hey! We’re in December, gonna be a sick month!

So we had a pretty decent week. We had this lady named Marta Elisabeth go to church again for the second time and we were able to put the date yesterday. 🙂 I went on divisions with one of the zone leaders, Elder Salmons from Virginia, and we were able to put the date for the 14th 🙂 Nice to have a little something going for us now. November was rough!

We had a few people that were really locked on going to church and then Sunday morning were visited by some Catholics. You were already baptized, you cant be baptized twice, you’re playing around with the things of God, the Mormons do this, do that, etc. The Catholics have easily been our biggest challenge here in this area. I’ve lost 3 dates thanks to them and had a ton of stress. Justice will come… haha.

Last night we went to the house of a member to decorate a christmas tree for them. It was pretty fun and something i havent done since i was at home. I think we’re going to try and have more fun with Christmas this year. I’m going to buy a tree and some little decorations, because last Christmas was awful.

I cant really think of anything else that happened this week… I’ll try and do better next week. And I’ll include some pics of the park too! The park in Nahuizalco is sooo sick! And now there are a ton of lights and Christmas decorations, it is so sweet!

But I’m healthy, happy, hungry, sore, and a little cold. This 65 degree weather or so is a little chilly and has me carrying around my BYU Nike jacket to every lesson. You guys just wouldnt understand how cold it’s been here lately. Haha, I’m going to die going back to the States.

Elder Slack. Go Cougars.


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