December 8, 2014


So I was thinking this week about some of the funnest parts of the mission. A lot of it is hanging out with the missionaries. Yeah, there are some missionaries who are bummy, but some are pretty cool. This morning we had a little white elephant activity in the zone in our house that was pretty fun. I won 2 plastic candy canes filled with starburst jelly beans and a sweet Italian tie. It was probably the best gift in the exchange. Another thing that is a lot of fun is watching the progression of the converts. Yesterday while I was talking to the bishop about interviewing a couple converts for the priesthood and temple recommendation, another convert came over to me and asked me to fill out his tithing slip and envelope because he doesnt know how to read. You teach a lot of people in the mission, and 95% of them will never be baptized. But that tiny portion of people who accept the message, stay active, and progress are what really makes the mission all worth it. I realized yesterday how much I am going to miss this area when I leave next month. 7 and a half months is quite a bit of time in one area!

When there are good converts, there are also sucky converts. I baptized a family in October and when they realized they wouldnt receive money for being baptized, they have stopped coming to church. The dad and one daughter were confirmed, but the other daughter and the mom havent been confirmed yet. I am not going to really push it because it would just mean higher condemnation, but it still makes me sad. Oh well. Hopefully one day they focus on things that are more important in life.

There’s a new missionary in my District named Elder Crump. He’s from Riverton and when I met him he told me my name sounded familiar. He then asked me if my grandpa was in the temple presidency for the Oquirrh mountain temple and then said my grandpa was the one to interview him there. Pretty sweet!

We’re slowly leaving this little slump we were in for way too long. Sunday was a pretty good day for us, but man, it didnt start out that way. Fast Sunday is one of the hardest things in the mission. I am walking so much in the heat and not being able to drink water kills me. I am fine until like the last hour of church, then i start to hallucinate and think about every Gatorade, pop, juice, or shake I have ever consumed in my life. Then our bishop puts the nail on the coffin and announces we would have ward council right after church. Oh man. I dont know how, but i made it through another fast Sunday. Only 7 left!

We brought 4 people to church and now all 4 are progressing. Our baptismal date didnt make it, but she is still set for Sunday. We brought this little girl, actually members brought her, but we’ll put a date with her for the 28th. It shouldnt be too hard. Just glad my stress is slowly sliding away.

Last week I bought a 5 foot Christmas tree and clear and blue lights. Today I will buy some streamers and ornaments to decorate a little more, there is only 1 ornament on the tree right now: a byu snowman i got last year in a package.

The Christmas devotional last night was cool. We were able to bring an investigator so that was even better. I think the devotional was better last year, but I was pumped to hear then mention West Jordan. I gave a little ‘whoo’ when he mentioned it, I hope the members werent mad.

That’s just about all for this week. Saluu pue.

Elder Slack


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