December 15, 2014


I’ve gotta start out with a lesson we had last Monday night. So this inactive lady we have been visiting is crazy. Her daughter is married and sealed to the 2nd counselor in the bishopric, but she doesn’t understand anything about.. well, anything. She claims that God understands her living situations which permits her to work Sunday and break the commandment of the Day of Rest. She says God knows her heart and that allows her to do what she wants without consequence. Well, one thing lead to another and we began talking about her family. She then says one of the weirdest things i have heard in my 16 months here on the mission… she says yeah, the thing is that my mother-in-law is also my daughter. Haha, wait, what? She begins talking about the reincarnation. ”No one has told me it is true, but I know it is. My mother-in-law was dying and my daughter started crying and began breathing heavily… like this (hyperventilate) …. and that’s when the spirit of my mother-in-law entered my daughter. And do you know why? Because when we repent, God gives us a second chance at life because he is merciful. God is loving. My mother-in-law repented and now has another chance at life.. as my daughter.”

This week was pretty crazy. I was on divisions practically all week. On Wednesday I went to know the investigators of my zone leaders and then on Thursday I went to get to know the investigators of another companionship in the district. Friday we went to Santa Ana for a multi zone and then Saturday I went back to the area of the zone leaders to work.

I feel like it was a pretty good week, but really tiring.

We didnt end up having a baptism this past weekend like we had planned because Marta Elisabeth ended up having to help a member prepare a lunch and wasnt able to go to church. She’s all interviewed and set to go for this Sunday.

We weren’t able to put any dates either which is kind of frustrating, but we’ll have some more soon. Yesterday we had a few people committed that didnt go to church, one because her husband who went missing as of about 2 months ago, was visited by the police who are still looking for his body. She and her daughter should have baptism dates on Sunday.

I feel like we have left that little slump we were in, now it’s just a matter of getting more and more people into church.

All is good here and it still feels nothing like Christmas haha. Last year’s Christmas seemed more.. Christmasy. I’ve bought a few gifts, a tree, candy, lights, etc and it still doesnt feel like it. Kind of weird I’ll be calling home again next week, seems like i just did it a couple months ago.

Enjoying the mission, just trying to save souls.

Elder Slack


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