December 22, 2014

Hey! It’s Christmas this week! Whoo! That means you get to see my beautiful face. Fun fact. I have to shave every other day now.

This is gonna be a quick little letter.
Last week I ate a weird looking pumpkin, chicken feet, and some more rice. They eat tons of rice here.
On Thursday we had a cool little activity in the park and sang hymns for the people and it was pretty cool. we snagged 49 references but none of them were for my area. I visit in these little almost inhabited places called cantones.
We were finally able to get a little more out of this slump by bringing 6 people to church. 5 of them were news and 3 of them went to the primary. Hahah. Who cares, it counts.
This morning we were able to go to some waterfalls!! im not going to send a ton of pics today because i don’t have a lot more time, but it was quite a hike. i was really tired and regretted going in jeans. We got some really cool pictures though. I will send a couple.
Tomorrow is our Christmas activity for the mission. who knows what we’re going to do.
My comp had to leave with another missionary last week early in the morning to go drop off some stuff in a different city. He wakes me up at 430 and asks if he can turn on the the lights. Haha nooo! Are you serious?
I heard another cool song by some singer named Sam Smith. No idea who it is, but it was really good. I like his music.
Jehovah’s Witness doesn’t celebrate Christmas.
That’s pretty much it, I’m trying to hurry up and finish quick, but we’ll talk on Thursday!
Elder Slack

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