December 29, 2014

Man, Its Monday again. Crazy.

This past week was a weird one. Monday thru Thursday were pretty much workless days and we got very little done… just a ton of meals while all my investigators were getting drunk.

We had plans to baptize on Sunday, but the investigator got hammered and now doesn’t want to talk to us anymore. I assume she doesn’t get baptized while I am here which is kind of frustrating.

Everyone got drunk. Even this 11 year old kid that went to church with us last week. We found him drunk on Christmas. What the heck?

Today I’m pretty pumped because we’re going to Tazumal. It’s a Mayan ruins that is in the boundaries of the mission. It’s usually closed on Mondays, but it’s open today and so the entire mission has been invited to visit. Should be pretty sweet there.

I had some really cool missionary experiences yesterday. President Cordon once said that the payment of a missionary is to see a changed person. Well, yesterday was one of those days. Yesterday morning waiting for investigators to show up to church, an inactive member in a white shirt comes close. He had gotten drunk with the sealed-husband of the Relief Society President on Christmas eve, and was now coming to church for the first time in 25 years since he was baptized. He had married his wife who was baptized right after about 2 months ago, but hadn’t ever gone to church with her. This time he was alone. He comes close enough to where we recognize each other. He salutes me and walks through the church gates. I go up to him and give him a little hug and pat on the back and we walk towards the door of the church together. He takes a pause before passing through the door and begins to softly cry. It was a really cool experience for me. I haven’t visited him a lot, but i could feel the love that our Savior has for him. We often hear the story about the Lost Sheep that the Savior looks for, even though the other 99 are present, but I was one of the rare people who was able to see this Lost Sheep be found and find his way back onto the path.

I know the church is true, and for that, many people attack us as missionaries and as members. The Catholic and Evangelical churches in Pushtan have teamed up against us saying that every church is good except for the Mormon Church. Sometimes we don’t understand why we need to do certain things, but we do them because we know it is the right thing to do. Every organization, ordinance, and belief in the church is there for a reason. We need to take advantage of all the blessings and opportunities the Lord has presented us as members of His church, because if we don’t, we become one of the Lost Sheep like in the story.

I’m excited to be able to serve the people here in this area 1 more week and then help find more Lost Sheep in my next area.

Elder Slack


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