January 26, 2015

Another quick week passed. I swear that every week goes faster and faster.

Everything is going well here, we’re still working with quite a few people that can progress but there are just dumb little things that we are having to help people overcome.

With A. and Z, both have now accepted dates to be baptized on Valentines Day and A. wants to be married, but out of the blue Z. said she was going to move to California with her cousin. What?? How can you live with someone for 13 years and then suddenly decide that you’re gonna call it quits and move to Cali? We taught her again last night and taught really directly. She never brought up leaving the country, so we think it was just an excuse, but i feel like we taught a solid lesson. We just nailed the atonement. We talked a lot about repentance and baptism and did what we could to make her understand that she needs to be baptized and needs to repent. by the end of the lesson, i feel she finally understood it! We have plans to go back to her house tomorrow and finalize plans for them to get married.

We met this awesome family, J. and A. last week. Jose is like 22 and she is like 18. They got married 6 months ago and neither one goes to church and have never been baptized. On Wednesday we went on interchanges with one of the training leaders of the mission and had a really spiritual lesson with them. we taught lesson 1 and it was probably one of the best lessons I’ve been apart of in my entire mission. We taught the entire lesson really smoothly in 20 minutes and she understood it perfectly. she accepted the invitation to be baptized on the 22 of January, so that is now the goal with them.

We later went to visit a man who wasn’t home so we knocked the 5 houses that surround his house. We met a very skinny man who looked like a skeleton. We were already a little nervous and  we ask his name… and he tells us  J. Huesos (Bones). Hahahahha oh man. We did ALL we could to not laugh but it was just so funny. We ask him who he wanted to give the opening prayer and he called on the sister that was visiting with us. We taught the lesson and to close up, we asked who he wanted to say the closing prayer and he said, ”Well, the sister, because we are all men and she is like the Virgin Maria, or Mary Magdalen.” hahahaha oh man.

Overall it was a good week. learning lots of humility and patience but it is good. love you guys!

Elder Slack


January 18, 2015

January 12, 2015

Hey everyone!
This past week we had changes. It was a little hard leaving Nahuizalco, mainly leaving one of my converts, Jose Ramirez. We were able to talk a little bit before leaving and got a pic in as well. 
I have to go now, but am now in Chalchuapa as a zone leader! It’s been a crazy week and a little stressful but i am learning a lot. 

yeah, my comp is an Argentinean from Chile! He’s really cool and is named Elder Balcon! He’s going home with me in August. but i went up and am no longer a district leader, im a zone leader. Its more stressful but i like it. Ive always liked being a leader. Im in an area called Casa Blanca and it is in Chalchuapa. It’s pretty civilized here which is really different from my other areas.
Elder Slack

January 5, 2015

This past week was another pretty decent week here in Nahuizalco. This morning the assistants told us that I would be having changes on Wednesday, so after 7.5 months here, it looks like my reign of Nahuizalco has come to an end. I had a great time here and learned a lot of things along the way. I was able to train my first 3 kids of the mission and finally a district leader. I also was really blessed with baptisms and was able to reactive quite a few people during my time here. Up to this point, it has been my favorite area in the mission.
We had quite a bit of fun celebrating the New Years. We stayed up a little late, about 12:30 or so, watching 17 Miracles, talking deep church doctrine, and cleaning the house. Man, I don’t know what they’re going to do when I am gone because no one else in the house cleans except for me haha. But yeah, New Years was cool. We heard a countdown at midnight and then celebrated, the four of us. I think the lack of physical contact with any female has gotten to some of the missionaries in the house which resulted in a high number of hugs haha.
We were able to go to Tazumal too, a Mayans ruins, but it wasnt really as cool as i thought it was going to be. Buck we were still able to take quite a few pictures.
I was able to talk with a family that i baptized in May and they are still pretty solid in the church. They’ve put a goal to be sealed the last week of May 🙂 I’m really excited for them! One of the families I baptized here in August is also planning to be sealed in August, but I’m nervous it is going to happen just after I go home. Really happy to be apart of something so big and special though, that’s what it’s all about. We were reading the Book of Mormon with some new converts yesterday and a couple of verses stood out to me. We read Alma 29, and verses 9 and 10 really made me reflect on my mission and the things i have been able to accomplish. I have a good friend finishing up his mission this week. He had a few rough experiences to start out the mission, but is a stud now. He’s one of my best friends in the mission and Ive learned a ton from him. I’m hoping that in August when it’s my turn, some missionary can think the same about me.
Have a good week! We’ll see where I get sent! A donde me mandes ire, señor
Elder Slack