Febrary 16, 2015


First off, my Valentines Day was good and filled with a ton of love messages between Elder Bauserman and I. He has changes and my comp has changes, so we could be zone leaders together to end his mission. ohhhh man.

I have now gotten all of my clothes skinnied. No more baggy shirts or pants and even my ties are made skinny. it’s pretty cool. haha it’s kind of the trend of the mission. it isn’t skin tight, it just fits me good now. better that way.

I found some reaaaally cool stuff I’m going to get for me and dad. it’ll be a really cool gift for him, I’ve already got some sweet stuff for the girls but haven’t really found anything for dad until last week. i had to get one too.

I want to hear each of your favorite byu moments or games while I have been here in the mission.  I dont know if you’ve sent the package out yet, but i was thinking about things you could add in there. if not, maybe for my last package of my mish for my my birhtday. a ton of twizzlers of different types, a oil holder, and my white byu t shirt with the cougar head on front. i really like that logo and miss it haha.


I have to start out by talking about a smoothie type thing that I finally conoci this week. It consists of coconut, milk, and chocolate. Man, it is delicious and is fully worth the $1.25 it costs.

This week was a pretty good one! Every week this change we were able to bring new people to church. During the course of the 6 weeks, we brought 15 different people to church, we are just having a hard time at finding people who want to be baptized that DONT have dumb little restrictions. We have 3 families that are progressing, and the husband of all 3 families want to be baptized but because the wife doesnt want to get married, well, they cant be baptized.

We are teaching a little kid named Wilber who is a stud. He is like 11 years old but always goes to church with his cousins. We put a goal with him and his grandma for the 1st of March, and if he starts behaving better this week, we can count that date this weekend.

We met a family named the Family Chavez. It was a miracle! On Thursday we were on interchanges and I was leading my area. We had had one of the best days of my mission all ready, with quite a few positive news and a lot of lessons with investigators, but walking around looking for a lesson at 845, my comp wanted to go home because we didnt have anything else to do, but i said no, if we find 2 more news, i’ll buy us pollo campero! haha. We tried contacting a couple references that didnt want anything and then right by our house we saw a lady sitting outside so we started to talk to her. We found out that she had been baptized 35 years ago in Ahuachapan with her 2 kids, but her grand kids hadn’t been baptized yet. They weren’t sure why they stopped going to church and told us they’d start going again with their 2 grand kids! Whoo! They couldn’t go Sunday, but they should be able to go this week or next week and we’d have two more dates with the grand kids. Later that night, well, I had to buy pollo campero.

I’m still learning a lot. I finally understand the importance of baptism and that it is the first step we take to return to the presence of our Father in Heaven.

Elder Slack


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