February 23, 2015

This a letter Nate sent to his sisters today:

So this is the message we share with all the people here.

God loves us and wants us to return to live with him but knows that we cant unless we know how to do it. This is why he calls prophets.

Prophets are inspired men called of God that work as a guide for us here on earth. They kept their teachings on plates of gold and metal, like the book of Mormon and the bible. We have these to help us know the commandments and know of where we came from, why we are here on the earth and the things we need to do here to return to the presence of God.

But what happened is that the people after a little time didn’t want to follow the prophets or the commandments. They get too caught up in what is going on in the world and sin. Sin keeps us from returning to the presence of God and rejecting the prophets and their teachings. There can still be good people on the earth, but without prophets on earth, they start trusting more in their own knowledge that what god really wants us to do.

The same happened when Christ came here to the earth. He came to do 2 things. Obviously he died for us. This doesn’t mean that every person is automatically forgiven for the bad things they do. We can be forgiven, but only if we obey the commandments and show God that we want to be forgiven. Christ also established his church. he did it with 1 prophet and 12 apostles, a model that would have to be followed forever from then on. They had the priesthood like the prophets of old had.Tthe priesthood is the power of God to act in his name on earth. this is how people can heal and do miracles and stuff, but only if you have the priesthood.

But what happened, is that the people, like they had done before, rejected Christ and his 12 apostles, the only 13 people that had the priesthood. The people on earth later killed all 13, and when they died, the priesthood went with them. Now there was no one on earth to lead the church of god. No one had the priesthood or anything, just the scriptures. People began to understand the bible in a bunch of different ways and began making difference churches that agreed with the understanding they had of the bible. Now there are a ton of churches on earth. They are all good, but there can only be one church that is true. You gotta remember God is a god of order and only has one thing he teaches, but every church has a different way of teaching and stuff, and obviously that isn’t organized like God wants it to be.

The thing that makes the church different than every other church is this. In 1820, there was a teenager who had the same question as you guys. Wanting to know what church is true, how can we know, etc etc. in James 1:5, it says that if we don’t understand something, we should ask god. If we ask any member of any church which is the true church, obviously they are going to say the church they belong to. That is why we should ask God, in prayer which church is true. This is what Joseph Smith did. This is when he kneeled down and prayed and asked God which church he should join. Christ and God appeared to him and told him that none of the churches in the earth was the church of God because they didn’t have the priesthood or the fullness of the gospel like it was here when Christ was teaching.

Joseph Smith was told he would be prepared to be a prophet, and through him, God called 12 apostles. The church is the only church in the world that has 1 prophet and 12 apostles like Jesus said the church of God needed to have. Ephesians 2:20.

Joseph Smith received the priesthood from Peter James and John, 3 of the original apostles of Christ so the earth had a guide again to lead them. He received revelation from God to teach the things that he wanted us to know here on earth.

It is something that is complicated and hard to explain and I didn’t understand it until I was here on the mission. I know it is hard to understand why we do some things in the church, but if you take a step back and look at the big picture, it all makes sense. temples, priesthood, prophet, 12 apostles, etc. it all makes sense and I know it is true.

you all know the church is true, but it is normal to have doubts. you actually should have doubts.

What you guys have to do is pray and ask if the church is true. But you gotta do it sincerely. If you do it just to do it, you’re dumb and you wont get an answer. You guys gotta do it this week and let me know what happens next week!


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