February 23, 2015

Nate didn’t send a typical letter this week.  He sent this to Gary and I thought it still had some good information….

                    Letter to Papi

Yeah, it’s so interesting man. I’ve learned stuff here in the mission I dont think I ever would have learned had I not served a mission. Things about baptism, repentance, the organizatino of the church, etc. a mission is too valuable to not do.

It kind of depends how much time you stay as a zone leader. Some are zone leaders for a really long time, others are zl for 2 or 3 changes. it depends on how old the leaders in the mission are. Like for example, most of the zone leaders right now go home with me or before me, so they’ll probably be dropping a few zl to get some new guys gain some experience. I assume I am zl a few more changes, maybe till I die.

I’m trying to buy stuff right now that I wouldn’t be able to buy in the states

  I am excited for our little NCAA tourney bracket in the zone. I am thinking that the winner gets a trophy and a t shirt

 Pday always ends at 6. I wake up at about 615 to head over to the church to send the numbers of all the key indicadores to the mission office and then wait here until about 12 so the missionaries can write their family. Usually we dont have to wash our clothes because members wash them, but im going to do it now because the member charges too much (15 bucks a month) and takes too long to get it back to us (1 week). We usually do a zone activity like a slip n slide or sports and stuff like that after having lunch as a zone. For example last week we played baseball and ordered 12 pizzas, it was pretty sweet. We buy groceries of course, but I usuallly just buy bread, cheese, ham, and cereal and milk because I dont have a ton of time to eat as a zone leader. we just hang out, honestly. It is nicer here because we actually have a lttle bit of time to relax for a bit.

 Oh man! I am so pumped for the Michigan game! That is going to be a lot of fun! So it will be the same 4 as the new Orleans trip? Going to the Red Wings game Friday night would complete the trip. Oh man.  It’ll be fun whatever we do. If we dont go to USU as a fam, I’ll go. and what are the chances we go to the ucla game?

Zone Conference is something we do every week here, actually, every Tuesday. it is like an hour of a half of teaching and motivating the missionaries and trying to fix the problems there are in the zone. pretty intesnse stuff


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