February 23, 2015

Show time, once more.
Well, this week was changes and Elder Balcon is now training a new missionary and my old zone leader in Nahuizalco, Elder Flores from Honduras, is now my comp. We’re going to have a lot of fun together! He is one of my best friends in the mission, so i am happy. If Bauserman wasn’t my comp, i was hoping that he would be, so it is going to be a really fun change.
This change, however, started out with a big stress. 3 suitcases of a couple missionaries in the zone were stolen and we had to call around the entire mission loking for them. well, they never showed up and so the 2 missionaries are in Santa Ana right now using church money to buy pants, shirts, and ties. I feel bad because I feel like it was my fault because I was in charge of transportation, even though I know I couldn’t do anything about it. That’s what happens in El Salvador.
Thursday morning we had a pretty sweet zone conference that Pres Spjut came to. We talked about teaching more with love with investigators and were able to put a few dates this week as a result.
All the Americans in the zone are talking about how low the gas prices seem to be in the states. So if anyone has ever wondered what missionaries talk about on PDay, well, there you go. Gas prices.
I scored some new shoes this week from one of our investigators, Ricardo. He is 17 years old and lives with his 2 year old son and 23 year old girlfriend. After a few times of going to church and talking about marriage, we finally have some set plans! They have agreed to be married and baptized on the 28th of March! It has been really cool to see him change his life. He drank and smoked heavily and since the momento we taught the Word of wisdom about 2 weeks ago, he has’nt touched alcohol or a cigarette. Just another reminder that there really are people in the world and my área that want to change.
Right as we were getting all the datos from them to get their birth certificate, the sister of the girlfriend of Ricardo entered the room. She also has church assistance’s and has showed desires to be baptized, but never has because she was living with her boyfriend. When she heard they were going to be married and baptized, she wanted to do the same! She talked with her boyfriend, who we don’t know yet, who agreed to do both things! We got their information to get their birth certificates as well and are now waiting for him to go to church to count his baptism date.
One night, 3 baptism dates. Awesome.
Now, this all happened yesterday. On Saturday we passed by the house of Wilmer, a Little kid who has like 10 assistance’s at church and we were able to get the signature from his grandpa to baptize him on Sunday.
So now, we have 4 baptism dates, one of them being for this Sunday. Finally nice to be able to work a Little more freely in my área now, it was a pretty stressful change this past month and a half and I am glad to have Elder Flores as my comp.
Thanks for the support and everything! Love you all! Go Cougars.
Elder Nate Slack.

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