March 9, 2015

Hey! I’m gonna make is short and sweet today, just because i don’t have a ton to say.
The dates we have are still solid 🙂 we’re becoming really good friends and it’s always fun to visit them. They always keep all their commitments and have stopped drinking and smoking and stuff, so they’re pretty much the perfect investigators. What makes it even more fun is that they are all really young. 18, 18, 23, and 26. We had a pretty cool family home evening last week where we had them take charge of everything. The hymn, prayer, message, etc. It was surprisingly spiritual and was cool to see them take charge of it. We took care of the refreshments and the activity. Haha it was awesome! I made a 5 min video of the activity and will make you guys wait to see it when I send the memory card in the mail. But yeah, everything is good with them.
Last week we also had a multi zone in Santa Ana and for lunch, i almost shed a few tears. For the first time in 19 months, i sunk my teeth into Pizza Hut! It was delicious! We had bread sticks, cinnastix, and a personal sized pepperoni pizza. man. it was great.
We also learned about the importance of teaching families, looking for families, pretty much everything about focusing on families. I think that’s one of the coolest things we get to do as missionaries. You don’t really know how much the gospel affects your family when you grow up as members of the church all of your life until you regularly see the families of those who are not members of the church. Like we say every day in lessons, every family has problems and obstacles, and a lot of them don’t know what to do to fix the problems. That’s when we come in as missionaries and explain how the church and teachings in the church can help them. That’s when you begin to see a change in all of the people being taught. For example, they start wanting to be together more often, they laughed together, they have more trust and confidence, etc. I’ve finally learned to be grateful for having the gospel in my family, but it took my 19 months on a full-time mission to understand that.
We ordered the American’s March Madness t shirts in the zone.  It is going to be a black shirt that says March Madness like the Nike Just Do It shirts.  It is the same font and everything.  The letters are royal blue with the NCAA logo like is on the jerseys in the tourney.  They are going to be really cool man.  On the back it says #mmchalchuapa15 and will have the BYU logo.  Really nice.
Yesterday we met with the Bishops, branch president, mission president, stake president, and ward mission leaders in the entire stake for a meeting.  Kind of cool to tell them what we expect of them and then see them write things down.  haha they’re actually listening to us!! I am 19 and they listen to me.  Kind of cool.
Everything is going well here and i’m enjoying the leadership, companion, area, and things i am learning. Hope everyone is doing good there!


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