March 30. 2015

Man, what a week. Well, I finally broke the streak! That no baptizing slump was really tough! But we broke it! We were able to baptize the Dominguez family and Ricardo, a very well needed 3 baptisms! Alexander and Sandra got married in the room of the baptismal font and the relief society did a really good job decorating. Afterwards, I dunked Alexander and my comp dunked Ricardo and Sandra. 🙂 The adrenaline rush that comes over you after the baptisms when you’re changing with your comp is pretty sick. It’s like a 5 second celebration of joy haha, not really sure how else to explain it.

The zone had a lot of dates that fell this week and half of the zone is going home or was wanting changes so they pretty much completely stopped working. So the week in my area was awesome, but for the zone it was pretty bad. Of the 20 missionaries who started the change here in this zone, only 12 remain! 3 go home this week, 4 went home for being sick or wicked, and 1 was emergency changed to a different part of the mission because her comp went home, so it was a pretty wild ride this change.

I’d say that the highlight of the week, besides the baptisms, came when I went on divisions in the area of the assistants! Elder Baker, who was one of my best friends in the MTC, called on Wednesday night and told me we’d do interchanges on Thursday! I had no idea what was waiting for me. Well, I got to the office and remember that the assistants always have the car. We barely walked all day because we just drove every where. We were hungry and it was lunch time but he realized he was broke and told me if I paid for him, he’d take me to a secret food court only the office missionaries can go to. Well, obviously i didn’t hesitate very long and next thing i know I am buying 2 Big Mac combos in my first trip to McDonald’s in my entire mission. We had a fun day and talked about plans after the mission and the MTC and everything in between!

The best part of the interchange was what came the next morning as I took a hot water shower. Nearly 20 months without a hot water shower can really get to ya. I’ve been taking very cold water showers since June, and before that, I had been bucket showering with cold, mosquito-filled water for 6 months. To feel hot water hit my body and see steam come off my shoulders was just another testifying moment that the church is true.

On another interchange during the week, I went to a little city named Ciudad Real with Elder Oliver who is going home in 2 days to Canada. He is from Canada but is still pretty cool. We taught a few people who are family members with some members of the church. They say they believe God will save them, not mattering what church they join or even how they live their lives. They understand that Christ paid the price for our sins, and so regardless of what we do, we will be forgiven for all of our sins. It’s sad when people say that because usually the people that say that are so hard hearted that they don’t want to change how they feel. It’s like a lie you repeat over and over again and start to believe that it is actually true.

We’re still looking for the people that want to change and know the truth, but it’s not the easiest . I’m loving the mission and am learning more and more every day. The group that leaves before mine got to see their plane tickets today. Haha oh man. They’re trying to make me think a lot in home, but I won’t let them! Haha not yet at least!

Love you guys, thanks for the support. The church is true.

Elder Nate Slack

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