September 17, 2013


Sorry, going to be a shorter email so i can get stuff out to friends as well!
It is starting to get a little colder here! quite a bit colder, actually. The rain is slowly becoming less frequent, but the temperature is definitely dropping.
I got my haircut on Wednesday! The ladies cutting hair are really nice but speak no English. They also don’t ask you how you would like it cut, so every dude missionary gets it cut the same way. Haha it is kind of weird, because my hair still feels so long on top. I don’t like it at all, but there isn’t much i can do!
I guess the El Salvador mission pres has been in 3 years. I don’t know how long they are generally in, but i guess he may be leaving soon, so that is interesting. I guess.
The CCM president was mission companions with Elder Holland!!! That is awesome. We found out when we watched a devotional given by Elder Holland in the Provo MTC in January.
I have been here a month, and it is crazy! I only have 23 left. BUT. I still have 2 months until i can leave this place. It kind of does feel like a prison. Maybe that is just the barbed wire fencing.
It is like 16 hours of school about the gospel, every single day. It isn’t bad, but it is still long! I do get a one hour recess:)
I bought a scripture bag for my Spanish scriptures! I plan to buy new ones in El Salvador, but these are a nice black leather and was only 284 pesos, which translates to like 20 bucks in US money.
My comp has been battling some cold. He seems to get headaches nightly as well. I feel bad for him, because he feels like he slows me down. It isn’t the case, but i can see how he feels that way. He has a bad neck, calcified ligament? something like that. but it causes headaches a ton.
Some people here really look at everything from the ”half glass empty” perspective. It drives me crazy and really tests my patience and love for people. But i guess that turns out to be a good thing and is one of the reasons i am here. It has helped me decide i will never be that way. I hate negativity. It sucks. Haha here, I am known by our district by being super energetic and happy about everything. What a good thing to be known for, right? I have done what i can to develop personal relationships with everyone, and that has been really cool to do! I highly encourage that to anyone who goes on a mish soon. I want to do the same in El Salvador in a couple weeks.
We became pretty good friends with our Mexican roomies this past 2 weeks. they only stay two weeks, and they spoke no English, but we got to become pretty good friends. we exchanged emails and so we will be keeping in touch! Maybe. It is hard because time is so short here! One of them loved the groups Chicago and Backstreet Boys. We jam all the time. I always sing Christmas songs, the hermanas hate it. hahahahah. Suckers 🙂
Currently we are teaching an ”investigator” who is struggling with chastity, word of wisdom, and doesn’t believe in god. Obviously the lesson isn’t legit, but i am getting some good practice in! The language is coming along really good, as well. I speak better Spanish than a lot of the kids here, so that is really cool.
Every night i read about 60-90 minutes out of the Spanish book of Mormon. I translate by reading one verse in English, then read it in Spanish. I feel like the dude on the other side of heaven, the only difference is he is speaking a cooler language. But it works and i like it! Cant wait to beat my sisters who are reading… or better be reading… the book of Mormon in English!
I encourage you guys to check out Helaman 5. it is probably my favorite chapter i have read so far!
In a devotional on Sunday, we sang ”i cannot see another slack” and i busted up. I told everyone, i was glad this one was in English so i could point it out! My dad should be so proud of me.
I was teaching a lesson and accidentally said ‘pescado’, not ‘pecado.’ Oops. Pescado is fish, pecado is sin. It was a sucky moment and i got embarrassed but i think that is part of learning a new language haha.
I am finally in 3rd Nephi! i hope to be done by next Tuesday.
Last little thing i wanted to touch on was food. Everyone asks how it is. Honestly? it sucks. It sucks so bad. Haha but i do what i can, and usually i eat everything. We had hot dogs last night that were as red as a tomato. Definitely not the ball park franks i would grill up and bless my family with back at home. I cant tell you guys how many time i have heard ”what is that?” in the cafeteria. It happens 1 or 2 meals a day, sometimes getting that question asked every meal. I think i have gained wait though, so that is cool. I work out every night and morning, i don’t want to lose anything. Haha.
we celebrated Mexican independence night Sunday with a ”gritto” from the Mexican president. It was cool, but weird. We had to go straight to our dorms right after because apparently the Mexicans shoot their pistols in the air and they can potentially land some places on campus. I don’t know how to explain the gritto, but i am sure it is all over youtube if you guys wanted to check it out. but we saw a ton of dancing and stuff so that was sweet.
thank you for all your support! I love you guys… just not as much as this gospel. Mwahaha. Just kidding. Sort of.
Hurrah for Israel!
-Elder Eslack

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