April 6, 2015

Hey! This past week was a crazy here in Chalchuapa!

We had the temple trip on Friday for all the investigators and it was a little more stressful and less fun than my other temple trips had been! Haha. All of a sudden I had a ton of responsibility and had to worry about the buses, paying the bus drivers, counting the people on each bus, number of investigators, etc. I also was assigned to dress in my baptism clothes and teach baptism to the investigators in the chapel next to the temple with Elder Lopez, the ex-assistant to all the groups that passed by. That was so sweet! He is an awesome guy and one of my mission heroes. He goes home next month, along with just about all of my friends in the mission. We even put a baptismal date during one of the 8-minute rotations we had so that was the highlight of the teaching period.

Something else cool that happened at the temple is that i was able to see some of the first converts in the mission that i baptized a good 18 months ago or so. They’re still active and we were able to take pics outside of the temple, needless to say i was pretty pumped to see them.

Conference was good as always, but i have to say that i really like Saturday a lot more than Sunday. I was never a fan of conference on Saturdays before the mission, but this year I’d say it was better on Saturday. I really liked the talks on fasting and prayer quite a bit, i think it is really hard to understand the importance of them until we put it into practice. I’ve seen some really big miracles on my mission as a result of fasting and priesthood power, most are things i haven’t really talked about, with a slight exception of my dad who i explained it too really briefly, so it hit home pretty well to me. The miracles you see as a missionary are awesome, but the thing is that you almost never realize it was a miracle until a time after.

We were able to bring a few people to conference and put a baptism date with one of the people that went. Her name is Elena and she is just a little kid who has 12 years, but we now have a goal for her mom for the same date, April 25, and only needs to go to be able to count the date as well. I assume we baptize 4 or 5 this month.

We’re starting to see some progress and I’m pretty pumped for this change. We’ve got a good zone which takes quite a bit of stress off my shoulders which i am even more pumped for haha. I am still loving the mission and trying to do everything i can to enjoy my time here!

Elder Nate Slack


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