May 4, 2015

Another week down!

This week was pretty good. We’re getting really close to the rain season. It rained like 2 or 3 days this week, but man, when it rains, it rains really hard! I always forget how hard it rains until it rains. The first few rainstorms of the year are supposedly especially bad because they wipe all the chemicals out of the air and so a lot of people tend to get sick. One of the missionaries in our house was pretty sick and didnt leave to work on Saturday or Sunday. He had a 104 degree temperature but seems to be doing better after being able to rest on my bed a couple of days… i think i am going to have to wash my sheets haha.  The first few rain storms are also really cold! We were walking from a cita to the house of a member for only like 5 minutes and we got soaked and I froze. Haha so awesome.

We found a sweet Pupusa place where all the pupusas are 25 cents. I think we’ll probably be going there every night. I’m trying to take more advantage of the pupusas and the kolashanpan because they are things that dont exist in the states.

We left to go contact a few references with a brother and sister that are 84 and 87 years old. They are super active and really funny and you’d never think they were almost 90. The brother is probably 5´4 but slouches when he walks so he’s gotta be under 5 feet tall. They were Jehovah’s Witness before being baptized in January and now are members really active! Haha I will miss them if i have changes next week. But we were able to walk a mile or so with them to contact a few references who ended up being positive. It´s just a bummer that not every member has the same excitement to share the gospel with their friends.

We are teaching a kid whose family members are all members of the church. He is 12 years old and has been to church 2 times. His mom isnt a member, but everyone else is. She doesnt want to give permission to baptize him so we are working really hard to gain the confidence of the mom to have her sign the registry so he can be baptized on Saturday. We should get her signature tonight.

Everything is going good and I´m still enjoying life here. Working hard, stressing frequently, but it’s all good. Hope Alekai has a good birthday and that all the momma’s out there have a Happy Mother’s day! Especially momma bear.

Elder Nate Slack


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