May 11, 2015

We were able to skype Nate for 2 hours!!!  It was wonderful.  The best one yet.  He had us laughing pretty hard the whole time.  He is very happy.  We let him know Katelyn and Tyler got married Sat.  I told him that she was pregnant and they hurried and got married.  You should have seen the look on his face!!  He was just SICK!  Quickly, because of his reaction, let him know I was kidding!!  Boy, was he relieved!

It was a pretty solid week this past week!

We were able to put a baptismal date (sorry dad, I’m still putting the word… put) with a kid named Denis last week. He is a 12 year old kid who is pretty cool. Everyone in his family besides his mom are active members and so it wasn’t a very hard date to put, so it was a huge blessing. I’m not really sure why missionaries had never visited him before, but he is set to be baptized tomorrow night at 6! We’re really excited.

On Wednesday I was able to go on interchanges with Elder Brown. We had a ton of fun and did some work! Haha I’m gonna miss him, he goes home this next change. But we were teaching a guy named Walt that they have taught for a couple of weeks. He has gone to church a few times but hasn’t accepted a baptismal invitation so we went back to see what was up. We taught a little bit and then I invited for the 23rd of May. He said no and so we taught a little more before inviting again. He once more said no so we began to talk about the Holy Ghost after baptism everything. He mentioned that he had fears of sinning after baptism but we were able to clear up his doubts and invited to baptism again. Once more he said no. We were running out of things to teach haha. I pulled out a scripture in 2 Nephi 31:9 which talks about praying before we act and I invited him to kneel and pray with us to ask God if he should be baptized that date. I told him to ask in prayer, and before saying amen, he had to receive and recognize an answer. He executed the prayer perfectly and then took a good 2 minute pause before ending the prayer. He finally said amen and then we waiting there kneeled down for another minute or so. I asked him what he felt and he said nothing. I asked how he felt in that moment and he said he felt hot and had never felt like that before in his life. From that point, it was pretty easy. We explained how the holy ghost works and then invited again for the 23rd and he accepted. Needless to say, we were pretty pumped.

On Saturday we were visiting more members to get a few references and at the same time teaching the mom of the family who isn’t a member. She went to stake conference like 2 weeks ago and we are trying to help her get baptized and we realized that she had a 10 year old son who wasn’t baptized. They are next door neighbors and really good friends with our ward mission leader and his family who are all returned missionaries. We invited 10 year old Fernando to church Sunday, and he went. Long story short, yesterday afternoon we passed by and were able to get the signature and approval from his mom to baptize him on the 24th of may, so we have another baptism lined up.

This week was really cool as a zone. We started out with only 2 dates in the zone but were able to put 9 dates as a zone this past week and finish with 4 baptisms. It was a week of miracles after having a zone fast a couple of weeks before. Hopefully we keep this momentum flying into this next change and keep being more and more obedient so we can see more miracles. Excited to be here for another change in Chalchuapa! Hoping I am able to finish my mission in this area.
Elder Nate Slack

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