May 18, 2015

Well, I wasn’t expecting it, but I’m still here in Chalchuapa! On Wednesday there were changes but I’ll be here with my comp for the 3rd straight change. Haha we have a ton of time together! We lived together for 2 changes in Nahuizalco also. But we’re really good friends and work well together so I’m happy about it. I think I’ll probably die in this area. I’m hoping so, at least. We’re in a trio right now due to the number of missionaries dropping, and one companionship had to be in trio, so, well, here we are. Haha. I was pretty bummed i couldn’t go to changes because I couldn’t say bye to Elder Bauserman.

This past week was a really good one for us though! On Tuesday we were able to baptize Dennis, the 12 year old kid, and it was easily one of the most reverent baptisms of my mission. Everything went really smooth and we were all happy.

We were able to put a few dates as well! Yesterday we were able to get names and birthdays to pull out some birth certificates to have a wedding and baptism on the 30th of June. The wife of Edgardo, who now has a date, was baptized when she was 8 but then inactivated. Yesterday she went to church with us for the first time in a year and really liked it! Their son is already an active member, but the daughter was never baptized. Her name is Fatima and she is 12 years old. We have been teaching her little by little  but it is hard because… wait for it… she’s deaf and mute! We have been leaving folletos so she can read them and teaching by using what is probably terrible sign language and drawing on a mini white board! It’s been really cool! Her uncle is like a counselor to President Spjut and he will be baptizing her. So the 30th of May will be a pretty special day. We’ll be baptizing her, her dad, and also the kid we put a date with last week. We’ve been doing really well at baptizing and completing families in this area.

My comp and a few friends were making fun of me for all the BYU stuff I had hanging up, so I have officially hidden all of my BYU stuff. I decided that I’ll pull it all out next change, but it may be a really long 5 weeks haha.

Overall I’m really good! Still working hard and healthy, but a lot more relaxed with a small little change in the mission. We’re now going to be having zone meetings monthly instead of weekly. That takes a HUUUGE stressor away from us, because now we don’t have to teach the zone for 2 hours every Tuesday. Whoo hooo. 🙂

Thanks for all the support!

                                                                                My Zonezone 5-18-15

Elder Nate Slack


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