May 25, 2015

Well, another week down!

This past week I went on a couple of fun interchanges and had some fun. We’re still in a trio and so I just went on a trio with the other two areas. The bad part is that the majority of the houses only have 2 mattresses and so i was in need of somewhere to sleep, so I brought my hammock. The first house had a spot to put hammocks so it was really easy to put. I put it up before leaving to leave to work with the missionaries and was all excited about it. We walk in the house as we finish the day and one of the missionary tells me, oh no! We forgot to tell you that when it rains, water falls in that spot of the house. I ran to the hammock and it was soaked! Haha oh man, i froze that night. It had rained really hard a solid hour, so my hammock got destroyed.
It is hard to teach when it is raining because the rain is really strong here and with the tin roofs, it makes it impossible to hear anything. When all was said and done, I did end up sleeping, but slept really bad because i was cold all night.
The next day I went on interchanges again and slept in the same hammock, but slept outside in the backyard! haha it was awesome! I’m just glad it didn’t rain in the middle of the night.
On the first day, we visited this kid who has gone to church for 5 straight Sundays and is assisting seminary and everything as well. He is a really smart guy and pretty cool, but hasn’t wanted to commit to be baptized and the missionaries who are teaching him weren’t really sure why not. We ended up teaching him for about a half hour and after a million questions we were able to figure out his doubt. Turns out he is terrified of water. He had a bad experience in the ocean once and has him really spooked to get baptized. We’ll be trying to help him get baptized in these next couple weeks, but it’s really hard when the people are scared of water.
Overall it was a really good couple days. We were able to put a few baptism dates and put a good number of goals as well. It was a couple of the best days I’ve had in a long while. Best part was the dinner that a family of members gave us. They poured this juice that I had never seen before, but i was pretty thirsty so I began to chug. It was some of the best juice i had tasted on my mission so i asked what kind it was. She quickly responded it was peach and i asked to see the package so i could buy the same thing on Pday. The ex-missionary, ex stake relief society pres whips out a package of iced tea and hands it to me. Haha oh man, it was so awkward. I tried the best I could to explain to her we couldn’t drink this but she refused to listen. Whoops. I ended up finishing the dinner drinking water.
We have plans for a baptism this Sunday of a kid named Fernando. He is super shy but we’re all excited for his baptism! We are going to be baptizing a family on June 20th as well! The date was originally for this Saturday but because they are going to be getting married, the wife wanted to get a dress made that wont be done for 3 weeks. It’s a little frustrating from a missionary’s point of view but makes a lot of sense from the perspective of anyone else haha.
Not really sure what else to say, it was kind an uneventful week. The rain is starting and with the rain comes lightning and thunder so I’m a happy guy. I am just excited to leave in time for the heavy rain to begin. I’m still happy and working hard as always, just weird to see all of my friends going home.
Elder Slack

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