June 8, 2015


another week down!

It was a pretty good week and we were able to put another date! last week i mentioned someone who said she was baptized a long time ago, but turns out she was never confirmed, so looks like we{ll be baptizing Claudia on the 20th! Fatima and Edgardo are still good for the 21 to be baptized, the only desafio there is with the wedding because the future wife of Edgardo has family members in other countries that want to be here for the wedding but wont be here until October, so they{re trying to stretch out the date, but I think they{re pretty firm and will be baptized next week.

It{s also been pretty cool to watch another date we have progress. Tania had been drinking a ton of coffee all her life but hasnt had any in 10 days and we havent even taught the word of wisdom. She just read the pamphlet we left with her and hasnt drunken coffee since, haha we{re pumped about that. She also bought a skirt for the first time in her life last Monday when she was in Santa Ana buying things for my family which is a good sign. She and her mom sell things at Tazumal and also get me some sweet hook ups. Haha best future convert ever.

This past week there was this dude we were teaching that tried all he could to argue with us which was kind of annoying. He just starting saying a bunch of dumb things about the church and it got pretty boring after a while. We asked him what church he attended and he told us the name of this church i had never heard of before. Haha, actually, i have, and pass by it pretty much every day. Sometimes it{s hard to hold back and I just want to say something like, do you really think that the creator of all things on earth and in heaven will have a church here on earth that doesnt have windows or doors? Do you honestly think the church of our Lord will be made of unpainted mud bricks? At that point, I{d open up the pamphlet of temples we have and then ask if they really thought the church he belonged to was the church of God, and that ours was a lie. But, I held back once more and told him to pray haha. It{s not anything out of the norm though, it happens a few times every week. We wont be returning to teach him.

we had a cool little activity for the zone on Saturday. Last week we had a leadership meeting and some of the Zl{s thought it{d be a good idea to have more zone activities to motivate the zones so we thought about a few things we could do. We{re receiving a visit from an area 70 next week and were told to study more about the Book of Mormon in Preach My Gospel in preparations for that. So we took advantage of the fact we{re in the only zone in the mission that has Mayan ruins and so we took the zone to the ruins and gave a mini zone meeting, more like a motivational speech for the Book of Mormon. We{re standing where the Book of Mormon was written, where missionaries in Europe are saying Christ visited after his resurrection, and teaching who the intended readers of the Book of Mormon are, the descendents of the Lamanites. We mentioned scriptures like Helaman 3:9 as we taught 10 yards from a big ruin, but overall it was kind of cool, something you cant do in majority of the world. I{ve come to love the Book of Mormon here and have learned that studying the scriptures is a lot more than just reading them, which is the common tendency of most.

Overall, life is good. The rain has been playing with us lately, but I feel like it{ll be starting here soon. I{m still set on not using a jacket or umbrella this rain season, I{ll just get wet and then shower at night so I dont get sick haha. I finished reading Jesus the Christ, and am being eaten by more mosquitoes than I know existed. I{ll probably start putting on mosquito replant again before I get chikungunya or dengue.

Thanks for all the support and everything, still loving life and working hard.

Elder Slack


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