June 15, 2015

Hey! Another quick week, man, can{t believe this change finishes next week. It{s probably been the fastest change of my mission! Every week has flown by.

I didn’t really talk about it last week, but we were wanting to move forward the baptismal date for Tania from the 20th to the 13th. She had been keeping all of her commitments and everything and so there wasn’t really any point to wait so long to baptize her. What we decided to do is meet with her on Tuesday to tell her the good news, knowing she had already passed the baptism interview and everything. She got us into the Tazumal ruins for free so we could teach her at a table instead of on the curb like we have taught her for the past month. We tell her we had good news to share and she says ”I don’t want to be baptized anymore!” Haha we were so bummed, it was supposed to be an easy lesson! We ended up talking to her for a bit and tried getting her to pray but she didn’t want to. We hit a brick wall and were trying to finish the lesson and head out when she said, ”I know, I’m just going to pray and you guys can listen as I ask God if I should get baptized!” She sounded so excited as if it were her own idea even though we had been saying the same thing for 15 minutes haha. Well, she prayed, got her answer, and got baptized yesterday. It was a smooth service and we sang Nearer my God to Thee as I played the uke. We have 4 baptisms planned for this next week.

We brought 4 new investigators to church yesterday and are hoping that all 4 can have baptism dates by the end of this week. The goal is to baptize on July 4th and my birthday! 🙂 haha. I think we’ll be able to do it.

This next week we also will have a visit from Elder Alonso, an area 70, who was supposed to give a message to all the zone leaders on Saturday but cancelled on us. Kind of bummed but guess it will still be good to hear him on Thursday in a multizone. Saturday will be the wedding for Edgar and Jenny at 6 and the baptisms of Rosa and Claudia will be at 4, and then Sunday morning Edgar will get baptized with Fatima at 8, confirmations will be at 10. Jenny is an inactive we have been able to reactive. It’s been really cool to watch the whole family grow.

On Saturday we went to inspect some of the houses of the missionaries because Hermana Spjut it nervous for the cleanliness of the houses haha. And she is right. The houses we inspected weren’t bad, some of the houses here in the mission are super gross. We had a deep clean session on Friday morning here in our house, my mom would be proud of the work we did. I imagine the Celestial Kingdom will look similar to our house, just with more BYU decorations.

I wanted to close the letter this week giving a shout out to all the dads and wish them a Happy Father’s Day! My dad’s been a really lucky one having me as a son and all. Even though before the mission I constantly caught more fish than him, blew him out in Saturday morning basketball games, and let him beat me a few times playing NCAA Football on the PS2, he has still written books in weekly emails to me and also 5/6 page letters every 2 weeks the past 22 and half months. What a good sport. Thanks dude.

Hope you guys all have a good week!

Elder Nate Slack


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