Hey! This week we have changes, can’t believe how fast this change went by! Entering my last change as a missionary, it feels kind of weird but the work continues as always!

This week was a really good one! On Thursday we had a meeting with Elder Alonso that I had been looking forward to for a while. The assistants called us on Monday night and asked to talk to me and I had no idea why! They asked me if i was excited for the multizone and I said yeah, and they said good, because you’ll be conducting it. hahaha no! I was super nervous! Monday through Thursday I was practicing with the missionaries in the zone, kind of like how my dad did when he started out in the bishopric haha. But this was more intense, because a general authority would be present. I always practiced saying we would sing hymn #24. I finally got the agenda on Thursday… and read the opening hymn would be #24. hahaha I knew everything would be well. I was super nervous, but feel like I ended up doing a good job!

The multizone was pretty intense. He started out by saying he couldn’t feel the spirit like he had hoped he would during the teachings by President Spjut, and said he would begin to do questions to random missionaries to see if he could figure out which missionaries needed to be interviewed by president. Naturally I felt nervous knowing he had been watching me conduct the entire meeting, but he seemed to like me

He got talking about some really interesting things. The last Thursday of every month, all the general authorities of the church get together in Salt Lake and go to the temple. He says they partake of the sacrament and do things in the temple we don’t do as regular members. He says he is a special witness of Christ and has experienced things he can’t share with anyone else because they are sacred. He then talked about being judged after the resurrection and told us we will be judged in the temple, which makes sense although I had never thought about that. He said that is why we always need to have a valid temple recommend. At this point, he walked over to me and gave me his recommend. It was different than a regular recommend because it didn’t have anythings besides four signatures, his and the three signatures of the first presidency. It was really cool and I analyzed it for a sec before giving it back to him. He asked me when the expiration date was and I told him I didn’t see it and wanted to take another look. That’s when I realized it didn’t have one. It was a really cool experience for me and something I’ll probably never forget. The power he spoke with was a strengthener for my testimony. I’m excited to take more advantage of the temple when I get home, i didn’t really understand the importance of it before the mission.

He closed by giving us a little scripture study. We dissected 1 Nephi 8, about Lehi’s vision, something we as members have studied a lot, but it was crazy because he took it to a whole new level. He told us it really teaches us about the Plan of Salvation. Verses 5-6 the pre earth life, 7-8 the creation, 9 life on earth, 10 the atonement, 11-12 applying the atonement, 15 ordinances on earth and in the temple, etc. It was really cool. He ended by having a missionary write the names of the sons of Lehi on the whiteboard. Laman, Lemual, Nephi, Sam, Jacob, and Joseph. Of the 6 sons Lehi had, one third chose to know follow the plan of God, just like in the pre-existance.

The baptisms of Claudia and Rosa went really well! It was really spiritual and Claudia passed in front afterwards to share her testimony. She started to cheer up and it was a really spiritual moment there. After the baptism of those two, we ran to the wedding of Yenni and Edgar. It was super sweet! They had the wedding in their house but it was decorated really nice and had like 50 people show up all dressy. They were really pumped to get married and then afterwards we had Pan Relleno, which is like an awkward-huge sandwich. Like, to the point where you have to eat what is inside of the sandwich before even thinking about eating the bread haha.

Sunday morning we had the baptisms of Edgar and Fatima, the deaf step daugher, and it was awesome! Everything went really smoothly, without any problems. It{s been really cool because the 7 people we baptized this change are super pilas and really excited to be members of the church. Sunday itself was a really special day, we had 4 confirmations, I was able to confirm Edgar, we put a baptismal date with a girl named Wendi for July 4th, we brought 4 inactives that hadn’t been to church in around 40 years, as well as 9 investigators. It was just a cherry’topper for a really good change. Excited for this other change

It’s a huge blessing to find people that are prepared to receive the gospel and be an instrument in the hands of the Lord to allow the people to receive some of the blessings I have been able to enjoy as a member of His church. Almost no one knows about the Atonement. The Plan of Salvation doesn’t exist in any other church. The relief of repentance and all is never truly experienced in any other church either. A lot of the members of the Church don’t take advantage of majority of the stuff the Lord has offered us, and it really starts with paying tithing, attending the temple, and reading the Book of Mormon regularly.

With all that said… I’m still the same me. 76 days until Cougar kickoff. #BeatNebraska 😉

Elder Nate Slack


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