June 29, 2015


Changes meeting went really good last week, i was able to say bye to a lot of friends. We have a mini party planned in downtown SLC towards the end of August before everybody starts school. But it was good to see my friends one last time in the mission!

My new comp is named Elder Campa! He is from Idaho and his parents are from Mexico. It’s my first American companion! Haha it’s so much different! I cant speak English and feel like a tool talking to him in Spanish, it’s a lose-lose. But he’s awesome! He plays the uke as well and everything. It’s his first change as zone leader so he’s a little nervous but he’ll do a good job. 🙂 He has one year in the mission.

On Sunday we will have the baptism for Wendy! She went to the temple on Saturday with the stake, and I also had 5 converts that went and entered to do baptisms. Really cool to see converts progress in the church! Wendy will also be a good convert. Speaking of converts, I am going to talk to the bishop of Nahuizalco today to see how a family I baptized is doing. There is a chance they get sealed a day before I go home. We’ll see!!!

It sucked to see Elder Brown leave, I love that kid. It isn’t really the same now here. I dropped off a package with him for my family though, so you guys have to meet up this week to get it!

Last week we had 3 new people go to church, including a mom named Dina with her kid who showed up out of nowhere. They were a reference from Santa Ana that we called and invited to church and they actually showed up! We are wanting to baptize them on July 26, so we’ll see how it goes!

Everything is still good here and always excited to work.

Elder Slack


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