July 6, 2015

Well, this week was kind of a crazy one! It was definitely the longest week i had had in quite a while!

We had 2 stake correlations, one on Thursday and one on Sunday. It’s where my comp and i meet with the stake presidency, mission president, ward mission leaders and bishops of the stake, and talk about the missionary work in the stake. it is a little stressful and i don’t feel bad at all that i only have one left. haha. they’re cool though, i learn a lot in those.

it was kind of a weird week, we had to drop like half of our investigators. it’s a long story, but i feel like we are kind of reopening the area again. a little frustrating but nice to start from fresh again.

we had the leadership council on Thursday as well, all the leaders from the mission met up in Santa Ana and had a meeting from 715-4. it was long but cool. for one part, we broke into 3 groups to talk about how we can motivate the missionaries to baptize every week, the assistants lead 2 of the groups and then i lead the 3rd discussion group. haha it was kind of cool. we also talked about peter and when he became the great apostle. I had never really thought about it, but it was cool how we talked about how when Christ asked Peter if he loved him 3 times, it had a lot of symbols. And from then on, Peter changed completely.

Because Im with an American comp on the 4th of July, we tried to do some fun things but it didn’t work out.. at all. Haha. We had talked with our ward mission leader so he could get us a bbq so we could cook chicken and steak and stuff, but he didn’t end up getting it so we bought some pizza that had really hard crust in stead. I did get the package from my family though and was able to share glow sticks with a ton of members 🙂 i would’ve never thought about glow sicks, it was a good idea but they loved them haha. they were shocked.

Sunday morning we had Wendy’s baptism and everything went smoothly. She asked me to baptize her so that was pretty cool. Hopefully we are able to baptize her mom later this month, but i am thinking she gets baptized next month.

Overall, everything is going good! Just hoping this week is a little more entertaining than the last! Thanks for all the Happy Birthday wishes. Im sure it’ll be… like any other Sunday. haha 🙂

Elder Slack


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