July 20, 2015

Hey guys!

This past week we were able to put a baptism date with Marlon Perez for August 2nd. We baptized his mom and sister last change, and he finally accepted the date for the 2nd! We’re pumped! We have 2 people that will probably getting baptized on the 9th as well. They already have enough assistance to be baptized, they just live really far from the church it is hard to teach them. But they’ll be baptized on the 9th and we should count the dates this week.
On Thursday and Friday I ended up going to a couple of different areas to do interchanges, on Friday I was with Elder Rietveld who is from Murray. Haha we had some funny things happen that day. My comp and I had set the goal to put a ton of baptism dates in these 2 days and so that was what we were going for. Well, in one lesson, E Rietveld had told me that there were 3 teenagers that had potential of accepting a baptism date that we would be teaching in a family home evening. We got to that appointment and it was game on. We started teaching and stuff and the spirit was there and I ended up asking the first person if they would be baptized. She gave a common response that we almost hear daily. ”I was already baptized.” So i replied with what I feel is logical and said, ”But in the church we represent?” ”Yes.” E Rietveld whispers, that’s our cook’s daughter. Hahaha so awkward. I said oh, that’s great, and then moved on to the next person. I tried playing it cool even though i just wanted to leave haha.

Yesterday when we walked into church I saw my convert from 16 months ago! It was awesome! He ended up looking into where I was so he could say bye to me. Turns out he saw a lot of people he recognized and will be going there again next week. It’s about a half hour away in bus from where he lives.

We were sitting in sacrament and the counselor comes over and tells my comp and I that we would be speaking after sacrament. Thanks for the heads up. My comp talked about the sacrament and the atonement, I talked about… something else. I’m not going to say what, because I think i’m going to use it for my homecoming talk. I hate speaking on the spot but at least feel like I dont do too bad at it anymore.

Overall it was a good week! Lots of rain, interchanges, and sweating. Excited for another week more. šŸ™‚

Elder Slack


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