July 27, 2015

this week was really good! we saw a couple of cool miracles as well.

On Saturday we passed by Marlon, our date, to make sure he was going to be going to church yesterday. We got their to find him sick with chinkungunya which means he wasn’t going anymore. We gave him a blessing but he didn’t end up going to church yesterday because he was still pretty bad. With him, pretty much all of his family members are members except for him and his cousin. Well, as we were leaving, we talked to his uncle who told us that he had talked to his other nephew, the unbaptized one, who was saying he wanted to get baptized now. So we hoped for the best!

Yesterday morning we were waiting for investigators to enter the chapel. A lot of times, missionaries go look for investigators, but we use members to get them. What happens a lot of times is that when the missionaries have changes, the converts stop going to church. But if they always go to church with active members, they wont go inactive for something dumb like that.

We see that cousin, Kevin, enter the church. He is 16 and is a pretty cool kid. I asked him how he was and he said good… here i am preparing for my baptism! We were shocked! He had came to church like 3 or 4 times in the past couple months but showed no desire to be baptized. We said, oh yeah? When is that? He said well, the 2nd of AUgust, right? Haha uhhh yeah! He’ll end up getting baptized on the 8th, but still a huge miracle! Im pumped that kid is getting baptized. He is one of my favorite people here.

The rest of sacrament meeting was really rough. During the first speaker, my 14 year old convert had a seizure and was carried to the hospital in an ambulance; it was really bad. The intermediate hymn was literally sung by only my companion and I because no one else knew it, and the final hymn was just as bad and they ended up changing it in the middle of the 2nd verse. It was pretty bad.

I’m really happy and excited for this next week. We have a baptism on Saturday which will be my last one. Excited for one more week of work! Gotta leave it all out on the field.

Elder Slack


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