October 18, 2013


Hey guys!! sorry to not write last week! i was dying. my comp had denge and wasnt allowed to leave anywhere, and so i have eben on house arrest for 13 days until this morning!!! we couldnt even buy our own groceries or anything. anyways. i am back.
my companion is elder ayala from peru! he is 19 and doesnt speak any english! he is really cool and is a good teacher. i am excited to get going on lesons!
yes, we have not taught any lessons here. it has been tough. we literally havent been able to leave our house. i am stuck in my house, but at least it is a really nice house. i will talk about that later! but it has been like the mtc all over again. 12 to 14 hours of studying daily. it has helped my spanish but makes me go crazy.
10 missionaries in my mission got denge in september. if you get it 2x, you go home, which happened to an hermana the week before i got here. dont worry about it momma =) haha
we cook every meal at our place. for 2 weeks we have lunch at (or from) a members house, and then 2 weeks we make our own lunch. this week we make our own.
I have been eating pretty good though! just making eggs, pizza, top ramen, french toast, cereal, etc. I am buying root bear and ice cream today so we can have root beer floats. they have a store 10 min away from my house that is similar to walmart, it is nice to have it close.
the food i have had at and from members has been good as well! dad, you would love it. chicken, rice, tortilla, and cooked veggies. mmmm! my favorite. i have been clearing my plate, which may surprise most of you. never call me picky again.
veggies consist of potato chunks, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, green beans, and yes, the lovely beans. mmm. gotta love it. it hasnt been that bad actually. it is fun!
i live in a jungle, well, pretty much is a jungle. it is in los ausoles in ahuachapan! google it. i bet you could find some gnarly pics. there is a volcano you can see really well from my backyard about 1 hour away. it is really cool to see a volcano in person!
me and my comp opened a new area, which means we get a new house with new materials. our house is huge and has to be one of the nicest in ahuachapan. it has 3 bed rooms, 2 bathrooms, and a living room but is really long. it is only me and my comp in there, and so it is nice and open”!  it also has a kitchen with a fridge and with a microwave. we have 2 showers, which is 2 more than i thought i would have. i am dominating it nad i love it!
a member does our lauundry fror 13.50 each month. i may do it myself in the backyard, but we will see!
my family may have noticed a 38 dollar purchase i made last week. yes mom, you were right, we were all wrong. i bought a ukulele. and i love it! i already am better than i was at my house and can play more songs than i could at home. missionary work. i also taught my comp how to play, it has been fun.
rain is pretty much every night and is loud on a tin roof.
my spanish isnt half bad! i am getting good and conjugating and i can read and comp everything in spanish preach my gospel and understand most of the scriptures. just gotta keep praying for the gift of tongues! my goal is to have it down by valentines day.
anyways, thanks for everything guys. i love you all and appreciate the support! i know this church is true and i couldnt be more pumped to share it with these awesome people of ahuachapan! hurrah for israel!
much love, elder slack

October 1, 2013

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I made it to el salvador! it is really green and it is really awesome. pretty civilized. i get my comp tomorrow. it is dark from 530pm until 4 am. really hot and humid. i miss you guys and hope you are doing well! love you and write on monday


September 24, 2013


This week was okay.  But Saturday really sucked.  I hated it!  Oh well, I kept thinking about ALL the stuff that happens before The Game.  I am still upset at the outcome of the game…doesn’t matter if I watched it or not.  I still think it is weird people said I would lose a love for BYU sports on my mission.  If anything it is increasing.  There is an elder in my dorm who bugs me so bad about it.  My testimony of BYU sports is improving all the time.  I can’t wait to go to that first game when I get home.  It is going to be awesome!  Also excited about the Texas game.

Anyways I am really anxious to leave.  I am out of here in 6 or 7 days.  I don’t know which yet.  My packet says Oct. 1, but that varies.  So we’ll see.

The other night we were talking with some elders from another district in our dorm  It was awesome.  We talked about bodily functions and what the food has done to some of them.  hhahahhah One of the elders said that it was like we were 12 again because we are awkward talking to girls and we talk about poop!  It was a pretty funny night!


hey everybody!! I am going to hop right into this letter.
Last week in the MTC finally! I cant wait to get out to the field. I   actually feel pretty ready. I know Spanish is going to be a slap in the face,   but i am really excited to get out of here! My Spanish is coming along, just a   matter of time i guess.
I am gaining a stronger testimony every day and that is really cool! I   feel like i have a strong testimony on everything. It is a drastic change to   the already strong testimony I came here with. I love it! It has been   incredible. I have already grown so much.
I finished reading the Book of Mormon on Saturday morning… yes that was   totally intentional. I thought it would bring good karma for that night, but i   guess it was wrong. I was still pretty pumped to finish it though! I started   it day 3 of the mtc, so it took 29 days! I think. I am now reading Our   Heritage, and that is a pretty cool book. I suggest you guys to check it out.   Really cool stories that strengthen testimonies about the first latter day   saints. I am also in 2 Nephi 2 of reading the Spanish BOM side by side with   the English one. I think i am making pretty good progress!
Thursday night, our district leader got a package in the mail that   contained a ton of snacks and stuff. We ended up having a party that night in   his dorm and distributed skittles, root beer, and other delicious things   Mexico doesn’t seem to want to sell to us here in the mtc. It was so nice to   have American candy and drinks!
A few hermanas here are from Henderson, Nevada and were in the Green   Valley Stake! I don’t remember their names, but it was cool to hear about   their love for my grandparents. It was awesome!! I miss going there on   vacations.
I was eating lunch the other day and saw an hermana i thought i   recognized… and then i realized i did! Really weird fact… but here it   goes. If you guys didn’t know, I played the trumpet for 5 years. And guess   what? There are 3 people here from  my elementary and middle school band   class. Hahaha how weird is that! Elder Aaron Pearson from the CH 12th ward,   Elder Jorgen Jensen from the CH 2nd ward (leaves today), and Hermana Bennett.   3 of the 4 of us played the trumpet, jorgen played the sax. It has been cool   to see kids i recognize! Even cooler to think they are willing to do the   Lord’s work.
You all knew it was coming… here we go. Saturday sucked. I was so   bummed I couldn’t be home. I didn’t want to come home, but i kept thinking about   all the pregame BYU Utah stuff I did with my dad every single year. Some of my   favorite memories were at those games. I think it was probably the worst day   here. It really is kind of like a holiday… my 2nd favorite holiday,   actually. (nothing tops Christmas). I thought i was hiding it pretty well, but   my teacher, Hermana Young, recognized my sadness and called me up. There, she   had everybody in our district (11 others) tell me something they liked about   it. After this 10 minute nightmare of embarrassment, I did pretty well. But it   was still pretty disappointing. I know it sounds dumb, but it is just how   i grew up and something i really enjoy to do. Some people have vacations,   video games, movies, etc. My weakness is BYU football. To top it off, 5   minutes before the game started, my teacher came by and told me she would tell   me how it turned out, and that she was going to watch it with all the other   teachers in the teachers lounge. She then picked up her stuff and left. I was   like oh man, dagger to the heart!!! I would rather watch BYU lose than not   watch at all. It is hard to explain.
It was a really spiritual week though! Easily the most spiritual week   here yet. An hermana in our district was really sick (7 of the 12 have been   sick, i never get sick so i have been good) and so she asked my comp to give   her a blessing. I had the opportunity to do the anointing, and that was so   cool. You never realize how grateful you are for the priesthood until you get   the opportunity to use it to bless the lives of others. She was better the   next day, after being really sick for 4 days.
We had a meeting on Sunday morning in our classroom and the topic was on   revelation. That was the strongest I have felt the spirit on my mish so far. I   told the story about being at my cabin with my friends and dad in early july,   and the prompting i had to go inside that night… it still shakes me up if i   think about it. But that really built my testimony of promptings of the   spirit. I hope you guys all get to experience something like that in your   life; not the small promptings, but one that you know is needed to be   followed.
Lastly, I spoke again in sacrament meeting. I think i wrote about it a   few weeks ago, and how almost nobody speaks twice, if they speak at all. And   guess what? I did it… thrice. This means I spoke 3 of the 6 Sundays, 2 of   which were fast Sundays. So i batted 3 of 4, .750. Not bad, right? I spoke on   baptism, but so did the 2 elders who spoke before me. I didn’t write down my   talk because i feel comfortable enough to express my thoughts and feelings in   Spanish for 5 minutes, but i totally changed what my intentions were when i   got up there. I just talked about why i believe baptism is so important to   missionaries.
This was just me, but I just feel it is so important to us because we get   to see their lives turn around. It isn’t the most important step for the   investigators in my opinion, however. They still need to make other covenants   and endure to the end, but that contains stuff missionaries cant totally help   with like they can baptism. It is more on the investigators shoulders, if that   makes sense.
Anyways. I know this church is true and i am so grateful i have the   opportunity to be out here. I love being a missionary, it is the best decision   I have ever made. I have grown to love this church and to teach the message of   the restored gospel. I am glad i get to learn Spanish to do it! I am so   pumped. Do what is right, follow the commandments, and have faith in and trust   the Lord and he will bless your life immensely.
Love you guys!
Elder Eslack

September 10, 2013

Pday last week was really good! weeks are flying by now. i am getting nervous for october 1st! It seems really close sometimes. I feel like i just got here haha.
I am learning and improving daily in every way. I have had ”experiences” the past week with people who i am very grateful for, who have been nice enough to help me improve my christlike attributes, especialy patience. I am learning great patience! Dad will love that. hahaha.
My spanish is really improving! it is hard but i am trying to work hard all day everyday so i can learn the language and be an El Salvadorean quicker. I have got to the point where it feels weird to pray in english, i would say around 95% of my prayers are in spanish. Not too bad, right?
I also love learning more about the gospel. I am finding new things all over. I really think your understanding is enhanced when you are a missionary. I have learned how affective prayer can be. We pray a lot. Wake up, prior to study, breakfast, before class, usually once during class, close class, lunch, open class, close class, before study, during study, before prepare lesson, before lesson, after lesson, dinner, before study, bed. Etc. you get the point. I prayed 17 times on
September 6th. the joys of being a missionary!
I also think the rain comes at a set time every single day. 6.15 pm. it pours all night long. Oh well, i kind of like it!
Me, Elder Winder (comp) and Elder Silver (from Ohio, room next to mine) listen to talks every night and that is pretty sweet. There are 2 elders to a room. 3 rooms in our appartment, 1 ”family” room, and a bathroom. We have 2 english companionships and 1 latino companionship. both of their names are elder martinez. haha. one is really homesick, and the other makes himself right at home. I have never heard anyone sing so loud, so bad in the shower. I love it hahaha. He speaks little english and his comp speaks none. >the one who always sings, sings american songs from a long time ago. He loves the group, Chicago.
Weekly highlights.
Tuesday, me and my comp played 6 hours of sports. We had nothing to do and we had waken up that morning at 6 am to do our laundry. that way we had all day to do whatever we wanted. it was the best decision i had ever made! hahaha. one kid i was playing basketball with seperated his shoulder. they had to take him to the hospital to pop it back in place, but he is good now! we also got a bit of time to relax and study in our room which was really needed!
wednesday, i got my first letter from my friend! letters are like pay day in the mission field. I loved it!!! being 2, almost 3 weeks in the field, i thought it was funny when the first few sentences talked about how sad i must be because i was only on my 2nd day in the CCM. not the case anyways, i have actually been really good! the only days i struggle are on saturdays.
thursday, i memorized 3 nephi 5.13 in spanish! that is my mission scripture, if you didnt know, and so i was pretty pumped about that. it only took about a half hour to get down, so i guess that kind of shows you how my spanish is doing!
friday, nothing really happened. I missed high school football, and said 17 prayers. I was curious the day before on how many prayers i say in the average day, and well, yeah. 17.
saturday- BYU football… so. We were studying in the tall labs (language study on computers) and i was struggling pretty bad. I remember byu played texas that day and so i did what i could to find anything about it. after being on lds.org for what seemed like forever, i found a hyperlink on an article that sent me to espn. i was pumped! unfortunately the site wouldnt let me click on the scores, but i did see that the game had been postponed. I guess it has been stormy down there as well. Crazy! i read an article that said that last year on some 3rd down conversions, the crowd would get up to 120 decibles. Crazy loud. And yes, i did finish my tall lab that day. Saturday morning i was also feeling pretty discouraged, i prayed to know why i came on a mission and what my goal should be. I have always been a fan of D&C 4, and so the answer to my prayer was really cool! After my prayer, i began to study the english book of mormon. I am in middle of alma, and came across Alma 26.5-8. I now have a goal for my mish. look it up! it is really cool. compare D&C 4:4-7 with Alma 26:5-8. Prayers really are answered! So there it is, my goal for my mission. Come back and feel like i have achieved that.
sunday, my district taught in priesthood. we taught on making commitments. it was an easy topic, but not so easy in spanish. I feel like my portion of the lesson went well, and i could relax for the rest of the day. i wore a yellow tie in honor of my momma’s birthday. she turned 62 this past sunday. then the impossible happened. Remember how i spoke the first week in sacrament? i was told i wouldnt have to speak again. next thing i know, my name is announced to speak again. This was bad. They give us a talk topic at the beginning of each week and expect us to write a 5 minute talk in spanish. i had other things i wanted to study, so i prepared no talk. However, because i am a stud missionary, i got up there and gave what i felt like was a really good talk on enduring to the end and the book of mormon! i gave a personal story and received a lot of compliments throughout the day. I dodged a bullet i guess! haha. May do the same thing again this week. It is cool to go by the spirit.
monday, one of my best friends in the CCM left to Chile. Elder Tanner Mangum finally had to leave, i was pretty bummed! we had a nice convo on sunday night though, and he is the one who made me aware of BYU’s big win over Texas!! I am going to miss him. Hopefully he remembers me when we get home. That would be cool! haha. I also received a letter from my dad! I was so stoked. It rained all day and me and my comp taught a lesson to our ”investigator’.” we didnt give the lesson we planned to, and so that was another cool experience i had to teach by the spirit in a language i dont speak very well.
this morning was another crazy day. me and my comp woke up at 515 to do our laundry and it was packed!! so we still havent done our laundry yet. we went to the temple this morning though, the spanish sessions are always pretty cool!!
Well, that is all i have for this week. Another thanks for all you guys do for me. I love the support and friendships i have with so many people! I am excited to see you all again, but more excited to change the lives of some el salvadoreans.
Hasta lluego!
Elder Slack

September 3, 2013

Man this week flew.  Can’t believe I am on week 3 in the CCM!  I sent 5 letters so enjoy!  I am slowly getting less busy as I learn how to do things.  Are my emails okay?  Do I need to add more church stuff?  Days are really repetitive and so I don’t know what to say or what I have already said.  Anything you guys are curious about?  I miss you!  and my house, and mowing the lawn.  hahah Pero, esta bien!  Spanish is coming along great.  I can pray and bear testimony in Spanish which is cool.  I am in Alama 2 of the BOM in English and started reading day 3 of the CCM.  I am so tired at night it sucks.  I sing a lot with Elder Brown.  He is pretty good and is so funny!  We sing Thinkin’ About You by Frank Ocean and we sound great together.  It is hard here but it is good.  I get tired of studying-especially Spanish- so my email isn’t to religiousy.  My companion has been battling health issues so it has been hard on both of us.  16 hour days suck.  I love you guys!  I miss sleeping in my bed at home where mosquitos didn’t constantly buzz and I didn’t have to deal with mariachi music on a nightly basis.
amigos y amigas!
i want to start by saying sorry about the email last week. we had gone to   the temple and came back at around 2 or so. we were in a hurry to get doing   our laundry and email family and friends and so i was stressing. we only have   1 hour to email, so that made it a little stressful too!
anyways. this week has been good! it has been so fast. the first few days   weren’t totally difficult, but they took a LONG time. The food is so   inconsistent, and that sucks. some meals are so good, and other meals leave me   and like 9 other dudes in our district starving. Tuesday night is pizza   night… i like pizza night.
i am really comfortable with the ccm schedule now, and that helps a lot!   i don’t know if i mentioned it, but my day is so busy. they are 16 hours days   and around 9 hours are spent in the same seat in the same classroom. Around 12   of those hours are studying either the language or book of Mormon. i started   reading the bom day 3, and i am already in Alma! i hope to finish that and the   pearl of great price by the time i leave the prison walls.
we get an hour of gym daily and that is nice. our district mainly plays   soccer, but me and my comp played basketball with 6 latinos on Saturday. haha   i did really good! they fouled really hard, really regularly, but it was   whatever. I did a little Brandon Davies-tyler haws fake pass under the hoop   and all 6 of them freaked out. haha fun to see a bunch of non english speakers   worship the move i executed! i also hit a shot from jimmer range and they went   crazy. haha good times! i am getting pretty good at soccer. we play on a caged   basketball court outside that has soccer nets under the hoops. i have got a   deadly left foot shot and score a ton. missionary miracle right there, if you   know how good i have been at soccer in the past.
feeling the spirit all the time here is really cool and unique. everyone   helps everyone and is so positive. before i start a mini highlight reel of my   week, i have to tell you guys elder silver (roomate next to my room) loves to   sing and hum at the top of his lungs. He isnt very good, but i get a kick out   of it hahahaha. shower time is fun.
Tuesday night, last p day, we had an mtc devotional given by Neil   Anderson in the Marriott center. he spoke on love and sacrifice and said some   really cool stuff. a few of the things that stuck out to me where that 1.   others may remember you by your testimony. 2. we sacrifice the things we love   and we love the things we sacrifice for. 3. he talked about really struggling   the first 2 months of his mish. i never realized how many kids do struggle   until i got here. my comp even had a plan to talk to the ccm pres to go home.   he is doing much better now and i am glad he chose to say.
after the devotional, i ran in to someone i recognized… elder mangum!   yep, BYU QB tanner mangum. he is a super cool dude. he leaves the ccm in a   week but it has been cool to talk with him frequently the past week. i   actually just talked to him about 2 hours ago for like 20 minutes. cool guy.   he leaves the ccm in a week but it has been cool to talk with him a dn game a   friendship. i think i miss home and sports about as much as him, but we agreed   that we would feel bad if we were at home! we are trying hard to stay focused   on the work, and we are doing pretty good!
The investigator we were teaching ended up committing to baptism. not a   huge deal, because he ended up becoming our teacher, but it is still cool i   guess. i have learned how to teach pretty well already!
Friday night we had ”dormitorio initation”…. this started by daring   my comp to shave a line on his left leg… AND HE DID IT! WHAT THE BEST TWO   YEARS? 3 of the 4 Americans in our dorm ended up shaving our left legs. i don’t   know why. i think it is stupid. but i guess those are the things that make   memories 20 years down the road. am i right? haha.
being here is hard but it is really good for me. i felt most homesick on   Saturday. i thought about basketball with my dad, shopping with my dad,   Michael Buble, and the Virginia game. i tried finding out the score for the   Utah Utah state game but was unsuccessful until this morning.
it is really cool here! many new experiences. lots of mosquitos, always   drinking out of a water filtered water bottle they give to each new   missionary, the cockroaches that come if you don’t seal your snacks (i buy   cookies similar to chips ahoy and fantas because those are as American as it   gets in la tienda. 15 pesos for 20 cookies, 6.50 for fanta. 13 pesos = 1   dollar) i also bought a Spanish hymn book for 51 pesos and hangers that i   wish i had brought.
It is also cool to not be bale to hear your teacher talk because the rain   and the thunder are so loud outside. we get soaked unless we have our   umbrellas 24-7, so you learn to never go without it!
Not all emails will be this long, i just feel bad about last week’s email   sucking.
the keyboard is still weird, i am craving a hamburger, and a slurpee   doesn’t sound to bad right now.
I leave October 1st, for those of you wondering.
close with a funny story from my maestro (teacher). Her bro was in the   Provo mtc and was walking back from the temple. a car slowed down next to him   to roll down the window to tell him something. at the time, there were about   55,000 missionaries in the field, and they yelled to the mtc missionary,   ´´There are 55,000 missionaries in the world, and they are all going home   before you!´´ Hahaha we died! sad but love it. anyways.
Yo se que este iglesia es verdadero. Yo se que Dios hable con nosotros   mediante de los profetas. Yo soy agrecido por la oportunidad yo tengo para   vivir en la CCM.
I miss you all and hope you are all doing good!
eldere slack

August 27, 2013

 Hey family!!
how{s Utah? sorry, i am still not use to the Spanish keyboard. everything is in weird places so it could accommodate things like this ñ¡¿ etc.
to start off, i love the mission so far! i know i technically haven’t done much yet, but it is really cool to think of myself as a missionary for la iglesia de jesucristo de los santos de los ultimos dias. it{s awesome! i have felt the spirit a ton and been doing really well.
the weather here is a little colder than i expected! it is lucky to break 70 and we never see the sun. it doesn’t rain a ton, but when it does, it POURS. we had a meeting on one side of campus and had to run to our apartment on the other side of campus. i have never seen it rain harder…. except for maybe in New Orleans with papi!! it was so crazy haha. we were soaked and i didn’t have my umbrella yet. luckily i had my suit coat on and so it was not as bad as it would have been other wise.
the first day was so exhausting. i have pictures i hope to add on to this message if i finish in time (we only have an hour to be on the computer) so i{m trying to be quick. we flew to phoenix with like 8 missionaries and then we got there where we tagged up with about 10 to 15 missionaries. walking in the SLC airport i felt like a celebrity because everyone knew who i was ! phoenix was different because it is weird to see a bunch of 18 and 19 year old guys and girls walking around dressed in the highest of class. oh well, whatever. i didn’t have any candy on the plane because i just didn’t want any. i sat next to 2 random non members on the flight to phoenix and sat next to elder toolson on the flight from phoenix to mexico city. he is a cool dude from San Diego. he has a good testimony and later became the president of his branch. his companion is elder tuolo and is tight too. my roommates bday was yesterday and elder tuolo gave him a hundred dollar bill. holy feces, it was crazy.
my first night in Mexico city was interesting. the hour long drive from the airport took place in heavy rain and had a crazy driver. like the one we had in Jamaica. the streets here suck and the drivers and traffic suck even worse. it was a nightmare, and i would never ever drive anywhere near this city. we got to the CCM (Mexican mtc, you can look up what it stands for) and we checked in and came straight into this room to tell you guys we had made it safely. they gave us our name tags and i felt like a little kid who had just received his super hero{s ACTUAL cape. i couldn’t put it on fast enough. so pumped to be a missionary! it was in a packet with a ton of papers, papers i can tell you i honestly barely read.  …..kinda. i actually didn’t read. haha. ==sorry for the bad punctuation. it is killing me. these keyboards are so misplaced. Mexico is not American.
my companion came in late and so i got to choose which bed in our apartment. of course, i chose the window. it overlooks a few soccer fields in the CCM and shows a little mountain with houses piled all over and it is where the sun rises. i like to look outside every time i wake up. at 630. i didn’t even wake up at 630 for school. what the heck? so i third wheeled it with a couple roommates in our apartment. there are 6 of us and 2 speak no English. my companion came in late, his name is Elder Winder. everyone here has one of two names…. elder or hermana. kind of a weird thnig to get use to but it is normal now. he is from hurricane Utah and knows Elder Davanter in our stake at home! so tell Elder Devanter that Logan Winder from Hurricane is my companion at the MTC and that he says hi. elder winder played four years of high school soccer and so he makes me look worse than i even am.
the fist couple of days were really long but as we get use to things, it is getting easier and easier. i am convinced we have the best district in the CCM and we have tons of fun. i will get into that in a sec.
the food is good here but is really repetitive. Tuesday night is pizza night, every other meal is either a barely any meat chicken leg with some weird sauce, pancakes or waffles with no syrup to put on them, only chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, and nutella, which is something i saw for the first time this morning! so no need to hold your breath, i am eating just fine. i had some fish today but it was weird. i have ton of bread and some cold spaghetti as well today.
classes are hard but not really. it gets hard to feel the spirit sometimes so i get kind of frustrated. trying to learn a language at the same time as trying to feel the spirit doesn’t work together very well. i have done my best but it is tough. i wanted to bring a notebook i wrote some stuff in to show off to you guys, but i forgot it in my apartment and elder winder didn’t want to go back to get it. he was really home sick the first few days and thought about going home. he was practically a mute and i didn’t see any personality out of him until Friday or Saturday. but we are really comfortable with each other now and are doing work in the field! we are awesome.
we have been teaching a fake investigator named carlos about the gospel. to give you an update on my Spanish, it is coming along quite nicely! i can say pretty much anything i want to in a prayer, and i am understanding more and more each day. dad, we don’t necessarily have a set speak your language day, you are just supposed to speak as much Spanish as you possibly can. so i am getting there. back to carlos. we have been teaching him and until yesterday, our lessons kind of sucked. we didn’t know what to say or how to say it or what he said to us. but we felt the spirit yesterday when we talked about the book of Mormon. we read the last 2 paragraphs of the introduction, helaman 5 12 and it brought in the spirit really well.
yesterday i also ready Joseph smith history. it is good! if you guys are every having a down day, read that. it brings the spirit every time.
my district is so funny. oh my best two years. (district goal to not use substitute words, but to replace it with best two years. does feces count as a substitute word) elder brown is from Philadelphia comp is elder iverson from Idaho. elder sims is from wyoming comp elder woodward went to cottonwood high school. elder baker is from Arizona and elder peck is from Lehi high school. hermana herrara is from Duchane, Utah and her comp is hermana sien from same city as elder baker. hermana murray is from Logan and her comp is hermana hunter from…. somewhere. i forgot. best two years!
but that is our district. elder brown has to take medication because it has add or something. he is so funny! hahaha i love my companion and missionaries in my district.
i know you guys are probably struggling with me being gone, but i havent been feeling too bad. i can see how it is harder on the family than on the missionary. it helps to try and keep focus on the work and the people of El Salvador.
i spoke in sacrament meeting on Sunday! i was the 2nd speaker. hahahah. we were told to write a 5 minute talk en El Spanish on la apostosia y el restaurado. (Apostasy and Restoration) we were given the assignment on Friday and everyone has to write a talk, only 6 people are called up to speak of the 70 or whatever in our zone or district or whatever. and i was the second person. haha. oh well. glad i was prepared! i can bear my testimony and stuff in Spanish too. the gift of tongues is real
this morning we went to the Mexico city temple! i saw the old movie. i think it is weird and that Adam needs a haircut. it was hard because i didn’t understand a ton and some parts were hard, obviously. cant talk about that a ton though.  Mexico city is a cool place though! i like where i am at and i love who i am with.