October 28, 2013

Hey guys! I am doing good still! Livin’ the dream! My companion is still a stud. He actually surprised me this morning by buying a ukulele of his own. Cant wait for jam sessions every night after planning. Missions are rough.
The weather here is slowly getting more and more wet, which is weird because i think the dry season is right around the corner. The rain has been really heavy and if there is the slightest glimpse of ´lightning, the thunder is the loudest thunder i have ever heard in my life! it is so sweet!! i love storms, always have!
I also got my haircut this past week. In the MTC, they did not know how to cut my hair the way i liked and so it has been my secret annoyance for the past 2 and a half months. Now i can finally say i am actually happy. I have short hair again!
My spanish is still coming along! It gets better every day it seems. For example, I had a full conversation with my comp and 2 hermana members for about 90 minutes and i understood what was going on! haha it was a nice change. it is coming. i am excited to not have to think so hard though, by the end of the night, my brain is fried and i usually talk 50 percent in english from 9 oclock on to help my comp with language practice…. my excuse.
In the house of E.(next paragraph), there was a moth about the size of a football. It was all fun and games until his older brother grabs a broom and hits it so it spreads it’s wings and takes off to collect it’s prey with it’s talons. I have never left a house so fast. I still dont know what happened to the moth.
E.! He is a 16 year old kid and is being baptized on Wednesday! I cant wait! My first baptism. My comp told me we already have one, so i guess he will be my second baptism here. J. is a man about 40 to 45 and was baptized last week! We have a semi big ward (Ausoles 2 in ahuachapan) and so we have 2 sets of missionaries. they got his baptism but i think my comp is counting it as ours as well because it is in our ward. i dont know. i dont count him. I am excited though! one of the other missionaries in the ward will baptize him. i will probably be a witness like i was with j. baptism. fun stuff.
we are slowly gaining investigators! it is hard because elder ayala and i were thrown into a new area!   it is so cool to see the lives of people changing right before my eyes. I understand everything in lessons and bear my testimony and teach different parts of the lessons! it is cool. my spanish is better than a lot of newer north american gringo missionaries here, so that is going for me. but anyways, back to j. he attended church with us yesterday and really seemed to like it. hopefully he can get over his smoking and drinking addictions and be baptized. we will keep working with him!
We met 3 new investigators yesterday, 18 year old j, 16 d, and 12 al. They are sibilings and their mom was sleeping during our lesson. they had a lot of questions and really accepted everything we said. it was really cool. we left and my comp said he predicts they all get baptized next month because they will progres so fast. let’s hope he is right!! he said he has 20 baptisms in 6  months. crazy. he is a champ! good sign for me! haha.
thank you for all your support! i feel your prayers every day! i am really glad to be serving here and changing the lives of many, including my own. I know this church is true and am grateful for all the blessings it has brough my family and i! a mission has already really strengthened my love for families, especially my own! i am beginning to have a strong love for the people of el salvador already.
love you all!
elder slack

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